"Party On" Act
Short Title "Party On" Act
Long Title A Law to set standards for the future creation of political parties and to strengthen current political


Enacted June 10, 2015
Law Number 2015-II-5
UTC Parts(s) Amended 19 UTC
Legislative History
  • Framer(s): Charles Sessions
  • Cosponsor(s): Clark McDearny, Andrew Hester, Lanclot Rice; Aaron Ehtya, Harrison Mearl, Howard Coleson

The "Party On" Act was a piece of legislation proposed to address concerns that it was too easy to form a political party and that, for stability sake and for management sake, the standards should be raised. The act created requirements that a political party must be founded by five citizens (of which a certain proportion must have been citizens for at least four months and one of whom must be an Administrator or Executive at the present) and that a fee of 50 tri be paid to the Department of Commerce to register the party. Aside from this, it also liberalized the internal actions of parties, giving them more leeway to determine the composition of their boards and to set internal policies.

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