2012-III Election        
Executive Branch Major Executive Election
Seven in the Executive Branch
Stavrok Portrait
Candidates Stavrok
Party Progressive
Votes Unanimous (unopposed)

Major Executive Before Election Major Executive After Election
Stavrok Stavrok
Executive Branch Minor Executive Election
Ehtya Headshot
Candidates Ehtya
Party Union
Votes Unanimous (unopposed)

Minor Executive Before Election Minor Executive After Election
Ehtya Ehtya
Administrative Branch Speaker and Underspeaker Election
Seven in the Administrative Branch
Andrew Mearl Nremni Portrait
Candidates Andrew Mearl Nremni
Party Establishment Progressive
Votes Four Three

Speaker Before Election Speaker After Election
Nremni Andrew Mearl
Underspeaker Before Election Underspeaker After Election
Andrew Mearl Nremni

The election for the last trimester of 2012 was very simple in the Executive Branch, but demonstrated a small transition in the Administrative Branch. It was the first election where the active party system was prevalent.

Executive BranchEdit

Major Executive Stavrok was expected to seek reelection seeing as he had had an extremely productive first trimester in office and was still retaining fairly high support and approval in the Executive Branch from most members except his former opponent, Arnold Ogamon, and Ascencia. Stavrok ran unopposed and Ehtya remained on as Minor Executive. Things more or less stayed the same within the power scheme of the Executive Branch, but spurred on by his victory Major Executive Stavrok proposed the Executive Recruitment Initiative and his controversial tax idea.

Administrative BranchEdit

The power division in the Administrative Branch flipped in this period, with James Schay being added to the branch, the Establishment Party was able to gain a the most seats in the branch and elect 4:3 Andrew Mearl as Speaker of the Administration, though Nremni, the former Speaker, did run against him and was planning to remain Speaker, he became merely Deputy Speaker.

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