2015-II Election        
Executive Branch Major Executive Election
Ten in the Executive Branch
Candidates Charles Sessions
Party Cosmopolitan
Votes 10 (unopposed)

Major Executive Before Election Major Executive After Election
Edward Stenbach Charles Sessions
Executive Branch Minor Executive Election
Candidates Edward Stenbach
Party Establishment
Votes 10 (unopposed)
No candidate was declared and Edward Stenbach, as the highest ranked eligible Executive became Minor Executive

Minor Executive Before Election Minor Executive After Election
Charles Sessions Edward Stenbach
Administrative Branch Speaker and Underspeaker Election
Eight in the Administrative Branch
Luke Cannon John Brayer Leonard Misset
Candidates Luke Cannon John Brayer Leonard Misset
Party Progressive Libertarian Authority
Votes 3 - 5 3 - 3 2 - 0

Speaker Before Election Speaker After Election
Luke Cannon Luke Cannon
Underspeaker Before Election Underspeaker After Election
John Brayer John Brayer

Executive BranchEdit

Major ExecutiveEdit

With incumbent Major Executive Edward Stenbach of the Establishment Party announcing a month prior to the election that he would not seek a final term, the field was wide open. Charles Sessions, the Minor Executive, was the only announced candidate and was elected unopposed as a result. He would be the first Cosmopolitan Major Executive, set to take office May 1, 2015.

Minor ExecutiveEdit

For the first time in Triumvirate history, no candidate was declared for Minor Executive and, as such, the Constitution required that the most senior eligible Executive become Minor Executive by default. However, there was discussion as to who the "most senior" eligible Executive was due to the fact that incumbent Major Executive, Edward Stenbach, would drop in seniority when he was no longer Major Executive (when the new Minor Executive would come in), the fact that he was elected to continue in the Executive Branch as Head of Education and Dean of the Academy, and whether or not could decide not to take the office. On consulting with the Chief Attorney and the Chief Justice, it was conclusive that the most senior eligible Executive was indeed Major Executive Stenbach and that he would become the Minor Executive for 2015-II, the first time someone would serve two non-consecutive terms as Minor Executive or serve as Minor Executive after being Major Executive.


Two candidates ran for the two Senator seats, incumbent Senator Lectre Vidius (E) and Henry Gobar (A). They were both elected unopposed.

Administrative BranchEdit

A total of 30 ballots were cast and the election was called on April 16 with the following results:

  • LUKE CANNON (P) (i): 28 votes
  • EMANUEL CURESSE (P) (i): 18 votes
  • HARRISON MEARL (E) (i): 21 votes
  • AARON EHTYA (U) (i): 28 votes
  • ARTHUR FELD (U): 27 votes
  • JOHN BRAYER (L) (i): 30 votes (unanimous)
  • BRADFORD DURAND (L): 20 votes
  • PEVOLT LEVICI (L): 11 votes
  • LEONARD MISSET (A) (i): 24 votes
  • HOWARD COLESON (C) (i): 25 votes
  • NICHOLAS ROMANOV (I): 8 votes

Based on the allocation of votes, the Progressive Party received one seat (Luke Cannon), Libertarian Party received two seats (John Brayer and Bradford Durand), the Union Party received two seats (Aaron Ehtya and Arthur Feld), and the other parties all received one seat. Romanov (I), Levici (L), and Curesse (P) were the only candidates who failed to receive a seat.

Administrative Liaison (and upcoming Major Executive) Sessions presided over the election of the incoming Speaker and Underspeaker in which three candidates were nominated: incumbent Speaker Luke Cannon (Progressive), incumbent Underspeaker John Brayer (Libertarian), and Leonard Misset (Authority). On the first round of balloting, Luke Cannon received three votes (himself, Aaron Ehtya, and Arthur Feld), John Brayer received three votes (himself, Bradford Durand, and Harrison Mearl), and Leonard Misset received two votes (himself and Howard Coleson) - this lead to Misset being removed for the second round of balloting and his two votes both went to Luke Cannon, making Cannon receive five votes to Brayer's three, making Cannon the Speaker and Brayer the Underspeaker once more.

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