The following list displays all the commonly used abbreviations and acronyms in the Triumvirate. They are listed alphabetically for easy reference.

Abbreviation/Acronym Stands For Notes
AB Administrative Branch
Admin. Administrator
AL Administrative Liaison
CA Chief Attorney Not to be confused with "CAm. - Chief Ambassador"
CAm. Chief Ambassador
CJ Chief Justice
Const. Constitution
DA District Attorney
Dept. Department
Dep./D Deputy (second in command)
EB Executive Branch
Exec. Executive
GSA Government Security Agency
HoC/HoCI Head of Commerce and Industry
HoD/HoDPP Head of Disaster Preparation and Prevention
HoE Head of Education
HoI Head of Intelligence
HoM Head of Media
HoN Head of Naturalization
HoR Head of Research
HoT Head of the Treasury
JB Judicial Branch
ME/Maj. E/Maj. Exec. Major Executive
Min. E/Min. Exec. Minor Executive
RS RuneScape
RSGP RuneScape Gold Pieces
SotU State of the Union
SA/SotA Speaker of the Administration
TARS Triumvirate Agency of Résumé Services (Dissolved)
TDC Triumvirate Department of Commerce
TDI Triumvirate Department of Intelligence
TDJ Triumvirate Department of Justice
TDM Triumvirate Department of Media
TDS Triumvirate Department of State
TDT Triumvirate Department of the Treasury
TEP Triumvirate Endowment Program
TPMAC Triumvirate Politician's Military Abolishment Caucus
US/USA United States of America
USD United States Dollars
UT Universal Triumvirate

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