Administrative Liaison of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Administrative Liaison
Seal of the Administrative Liaison
Current Position
Entered Office 31st January, 2016
Predecessor Allison Braugh
Other Positions Freshman Executive
General Position Overview
Purpose To work as the link between the Executive and Administrative Branches, recruit members, and assist in member communications with the government
Formed Original Executive Position, January 27th, 2010
First Administrative Liaison Red
Preceding Positions Previously called the Head of Management and Head of Clan Relations

The Administrative Liaison is essentially the manager of internal political affairs within the Triumvirate. They are an Executive who acts as the messenger between the Executive Branch and the Administrative Branch.


The Administrative Liaison's main responsibility is communication between the Executive and Administrative Branches. The Liaison must speak for the Executive Branch in Administrative affairs and speak for the Administrative Branch in Executive affairs. This makes it important that the Liaison has good relations with both branches. Though the Liaison used to have a vote in most Administrative matters, this was removed from them in March of 2013 and they are used purely as a negotiator and communicator between the two branches now.

The Administrative Liaison presides over any instance where there is a vacancy in the office of Speaker or Underspeaker.


Interestingly, the Administrative Liaison is the only Executive that can be impeached by the Administrative Branch. The Administrative Branch may remove the Liaison from office by a two-thirds vote of its members. This removes them from all offices (even if they are Minor Executive at the same time) as they are removed from the Executive Branch entirely due to losing their Executive office. The Executive Branch may appoint them to a different Executive position however.

Past Administrative LiaisonsEdit

Red (3/9/10 → 1/23/11), he was later impeached for excessive high crimes while in the Executive Branch.

Phillip Cai (9/2/11 → 4/7/12), little done during his service, removed due to excessive absence.

Elliot Neil (10/28/12 → 5/2/13), ascended to become the fourth Major Executive as a very young member of the Executive Branch. She was technically the first practical Administrative Liaison as the Administrative Branch became effective during her time in office.

Mitchell Carrick (6/20/13 → 1/1/14)

Charles Sessions (4/1/14 → 4/30/15)

Allison Braugh (5/1/15 → 1/31/16)

Richard Alexander (1/31/16 → Present)

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