This Institution Is Dissolved
This institution has been dissolved (removed from use) and no longer exists as a formal entity. This page is here so you can read about its history
Agency of Résumé Services
Seal of the Agency of Resume Services
Agency Overview
Purpose Management and keeping of the Résumé system.
Formed September first, 2011
Dissolved February 22, 2013
Superseding Department of Naturalization

The Universal Triumvirate Agency of Résumé Services was an agency managed by the Executive Branch, Major Executive, and Director of Résumé Services that was responsible for the keeping and organization of résumés issued by the Triumvirate. With the passage of the Naturalization Act in February of 2013, it was dissolved and all responsibilities were transferred to the new Department of Naturalization. It was the first agency ever established by the Triumvirate government and set the precedent for the creation of others.

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