This Institution Is Dissolved
This institution has been dissolved (removed from use) and no longer exists as a formal entity. This page is here so you can read about its history

The Union Times is the Triumvirate newspaper brought to you by Corporate Corporation. It's published every two weeks on Sundays You can use this page to buy a subscription or an issue of it. You will still have to fill out a transaction on the TDC:Transactions page.

List of IssuesEdit

  1. June 1, 2015: First Issue, relaunch of the Union Times: Eldridge Affair, Administrative Branch Blockade lifted and more! (File:Union Times - June 1, 2015 Edition.pdf)


  • One issue costs ∇5
  • A subscription for four issues (Eight(8) weeks) costs ∇16 - Save ∇4!
  • A subscription for eight issues (sixteen weeks (a whole Trimester) costs ∇28 - Save ∇12!
  • A subscription for twenty-six issues (fifty-two weeks (a whole year!) costs ∇100 - Save ∇30! Best Value per Tri!

You will not be deducted an issue should we fail to produce an issue when we said we would.


Further discounts are unavailable at this time.


Please use this form to purchase an issue or subscription, once you make your purchase you will get the next available issue (as the start of your subscription, or as the individual copy you ordered). Please don't forget to make a transaction of the amount you would owe for what you are buying to Corporate Corporation on the Transactions page otherwise you will not receive your order. Thank you!

==="Your Name"===
*Purchase: "what you are purchasing"
*Amount due: "how much you are paying for it"
*Email: "Your email where we can send you your copy of the paper"
*Date: "today's date"

Edward StenbachEdit

  • Purchase: eight issues
  • Amount due: 28 tri
  • Email:
  • Date: September 20, 2014

Bradford DurandEdit

  • Purchase: 8
  • Amount: 28
  • Email:
  • Date: 9/24/14

Aaron EhtyaEdit

  • Purchase: 26 issues (now people can make the joke that "Aaron Ehtya has a lot of issues..."
  • Amount due: 100 tri
  • Email:
  • Date: 10/1/14

Current SubscribersEdit

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