Business News is the Triumvirate newspaper brought to you by Corporate Corporation. It's published every two weeks on Sundays that General Media's Triumvirate Today paper aren't published. The key difference between the Business News and Triumvirate Today is that Business News focuses on the economy and business while the Triumvirate Today focuses on politics. You can use this page to buy a subscription or an issue of it.

List of IssuesEdit

  1. 2.3.13: First issue! Includes Corporate Corporation's move towards the media Industry and away from the Exchanges Industry, the removal of the RSGP as the Triumvirate's backing, Stavrok's retirement impact on the economy. Lesson of the Issue was on Economics.
  2. 2.17.13: Includes; Work on the Monetary Policy has begun, RSGP backing fails in the Admin, the possibility of a new transaction system. Lesson of the issue was on Monetary Policy.
  3. 3.3.2013: False growth caused by Schay's Enterprises dissolving, Extension added on government officials owning businesses, General Media becoming the richest business in the triumvirate, progress on the monetary policy. Lesson of the issue was on the causes of the Great Depression.
  4. 3.17.2013: Economic Committee Schisms, rumors of the CAPITOL Act, the Triumvirates five richest individuals. Lesson of the issue was on Conglomerates.
  5. 3.31.2013: Corporate Corporation overall, economy in a slump again, economics committee shut down. Lesson of the issue was on precious metals.
  6. 4.14.2013: Economic crisis, CEO of Corporate Corporation mad about a public relation's decision, a potential new Head of Commerce and Industry. No lesson of the issue.
  7. 4.28.2013: CC starts a new project, monetary policy expected this trimester, suspected new economic committee membership. No lesson of the issue.
  8. 5.13.2013: (Trimester II-2013):
  9. 5.28.2013:
  10. 6.23.2013:


  • One issue costs ∇5
  • A subscription for four issues (Eight(8) weeks) costs ∇16 - Save ∇4!
  • A subscription for eight issues (sixteen weeks (a whole Trimester) costs ∇28 - Save ∇12!
  • A subscription for twenty-six issues (fifty-two weeks (a whole year!) costs ∇100 - Save ∇30! Best Value per Tri!

You will not be deducted an issue should we fail to produce an issue when we said we would.


As a gift to the hard working Government officials, and since I (Andrew.D.Hester (talk) 20:05, February 6, 2013 (UTC)) get all my information from said officials, I offer the following discounts!


Please use this form to purchase an issue or subscription, once you make your purchase you will get the next available issue (as the start of your subscription, or as the individual copy you ordered). Please don't forget to make a transaction of the amount you would owe for what you are buying to Corporate Corporation on the Transactions page otherwise you will not receive your order. Thank you!

==="Your Name"===
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*Amount due: "how much you are paying for it"
*Email: "Your email where we can send you your copy of the paper"
*Date: "today's date"

Current SubscribersEdit

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