This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes

Intelligence, Justice, and Order.  Three things that the creator of the Universal Triumvirate, Zerouh, said were the most important within this government.  Do you wish for these ideas and ideals to be kept and with-held throughout our government even today, nearly five years that this government was created?

Vulpes Arenas is a new member of the Establishment Party that desires to become the next Senator for the Universal Triumvirate.  The Establishment Party has had many important members run and succeed in the running and election for jobs such as the Major Executive, Speaker, and Chief Justice.  If Vulpes receives the role of Senator, he promises to do everything within his power to protect the interests and the rights of all of the people, regardless of party status.

Vulpes Arenas is a newly-joined member that is willing to take part in all things governmental.  He is a political conservist, and is very flexible in working.  He will meet a goal, no matter to what ends he must go to to complete it, and he will continue to keep the flow of peace and prosperity through the Universal Triumvirate, just as anyone else would do.  

So here you find yourself on this very page that can uphold all of the ideals this government was created by.  We have the freedom to speech, the freedom to press, and even more.  Voting for Vulpes Arenas as Senator will only continue this.  Voting for Vulpes Arenas will protect against corruption and your interests.


Vulpes Arenas, Establishment Party candidate for Senator.


Edward Stenbach, Chief Attorney, former Deputy Speaker: "I endorse Vulpes Arenas for Senator, he brings a new face and new ideas to the Triumvirate and having him in the Executive Branch would be a privilege for us all"

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