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This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Bleitze 2014-II
Members of the Triumvirate, after a full year of progress, we've put in too much work to stop now. That is why I am announcing that I am running for Major Executive, to keep the fight for a fairer Triumvirate, a successful Triumvirate, and a more equal Triumvirate. If you want a candidate who believes that everyone deserves the same opportunities, who believes that a few elite should not control the many, and who believes that equal rights are fundamental in a fair state, then cast your support for Ryan Bleitze.

Why Should You Vote for Me?Edit

Ryan Bleitze

You're overwhelmingly pleased by the current officeholder, Major Executive Nathan Maine, and I will stand up for his policies, as I have always attempted to do. Major Executive Maine described himself as "economically liberal, politically liberal, and internationally conservative" - the pure definition of the Authority Party and of myself. I believe in his economically liberal policies, I believe in promoting the will of the people above any elitist group, and I believe that the Triumvirate should not be involved in foreign affairs. It's a perfect continuity to the current leadership and, as you'll see when you view who has supported and continues to support me in my run for Major Executive, many of his closest also support me as their chosen successor to Major Executive Maine.

If I become Major Executive, I will promise to you all that I will put government in the hands of the people, not in the hands of businesses, money, or elite politicians. I will promote equality, fairness, and opportunity for all. I will work to give the people a say in who is elected as Major Executive in the first place, something they have been disturbingly absent from in the past. I will put the right people in our defense structure, taking those who serve to profit from their place out and replacing them with qualified and well-intentioned people like Lanclot Rice. I will see to it that the Executive Branch diversifies so that more views can be heard and so that no group of people can singlehandedly control who we elect or what we decide. I will continue to carry out the policies of the sitting Major Executive while improving and expanding them, making our political structure and our economy a priority. If you elect me, I'll see to it that the government pays all of its employees, ensure that every citizen has a voice, that there are proper regulations on business, and that we put an end to the protections provided to the elite.

I have experience in the Administration, previously serving as Deputy Speaker, and I have the connections there that will help me build legislation that is fair to both branches of government and all people. I have experience in the Executive Branch, where I have served as Head of the Treasury, helping develop modern economic policy and working on key financial and economic legislation. I bring in the best of both sides, experience in both, wisdom in all, of the people... for the people.

My cause is true, and my heart is with you. If you believe that everyone deserves a shot, that no elite should gain power at the expense of those who are worse off, and that the government can and should be more inclusive, then join in a campaign that is not mine, but all of ours.

Why Shouldn't You Vote for My Opponents?Edit

Members of the Triumvirate, my opponents in the Union Party have made dozens of statements about how I want to "create a welfare state" (A. Ehtya) or "create a Triumvirate of far-leftist ideals" (C. McDearny) or even "bring communism into the Triumvirate" (A. Ehtya). Not only are these untrue, but they are a pathetic attempt to try and knock me down. After every attack I've suffered, from impeachment attempts to criticism of my policies, or even offensives to make sure my party has no chance to get fair representation in either branch of government, I stood back up and made it clear to the Triumvirate that I would never stop fighting for what I believe in. Here is an in depth look at my opponents:

Jackson Mearl, Chairman of the JCC, Chief Ambassador: The Union Party looks at Jackson Mearl as the best they could find to replace Ehtya. He took over every job Ehtya had, Chief Ambassador and Chairman of the Joint Command Council, but aside from that, his record is weak. No legislative proposals of his own, he's largely quiet and non-vocal, speaking rarely to the Executive Branch, and completely ignores politics. He spoke out against Major Executive Maine and even voted against his first reelection, instead joining the side of Mitchell Carrick... who we all have no respect for. Mearl gained his power and position only because of his relationship to former Speaker Mearl and by being Ehtya's successor. Mearl has defense experience, I admit that fully, and that's something you want in a Major Executive - but he has none of the other 90% of the position - charisma, political skills, likability, and presence. Would you want someone who never speaks, who has not spoken as to his personal beliefs, and has never proposed, let alone drafted, a law in the first place? The most powerful position in the Triumvirate deserves better.

Clark McDearny, Senator: Clark McDearny may be the Union Party's golden boy, seemingly bold and charismatic, with a dash of charming and friendly, but beneath that lies complete inexperience and corruption. He panders to big business, especially that of Aaron Ehtya's General Media and General Defense, working for their benefit at the expense of the common man. He counts on their support, using their vast network of wealth and connections to get elected as Senator and gain power, while delivering to them handouts that we all acknowledge that they don't need. McDearny has no defense experience, no experience in economics (though he loves making economic cutbacks anyway), and yet believes it is his duty to block me and my policies at every turn. The Triumvirate deserves a man more capable and less corrupt than him.

Aaron Ehtya, Administrator, CEO of General Media and General Defense: Possibly my most vocal opponent, Aaron Ehtya is the height of arrogance, corruption, and selfishness that the Union Party encapsulates so well. When I served in the Administration, Aaron Ehtya would frequently shout obscenities in my direction, calling me a "totalitarian socialist", "freedom-burning communist", and the "worst man to ever enter the Triumvirate's government". Since joining the Executive Branch, where, fortunately, I no longer had to deal with his abuse, he has continued his arrogance and self-interested obsession with wealth and I tried to put a stop to it as I will not let one man take advantage of many for their own personal gain. I'm a believer in the thought that no man should put personal gain above the welfare of others, and Aaron Ehtya is the most perfect example of someone who has done exactly that. He defied the extension to the Weapons Exchange Prevention Act, leading to his arrest, and fought many progressive policies because they would harm him and his business. This is not the sort of man the Triumvirate deserves either.

Long Story ShortEdit

The road to victory will be hard, there are many powerful and wealthy people who would willingly throw away their unearned fortunes to see to it that I do not win this election as they fear, rightly, that I will put an end to their unjust monopolistic sentiments. But, with your support, together we can do this. We can build towards a fair and equal Union.


Carlson Tyler, Speaker of the Administration: "Ryan Bleitze is the smart choice for Major Executive - he's wise, dedicated, and he has experience as both an Administrator and an Executive - something that is becoming increasingly more valuable in modern times"

Lanclot Rice, Minor Executive: "I support Ryan Bleitze to hold the office of Major Executive as the successor to Nathan Maine"

Leonard Misset, Justice: "Ryan Bleitze has the financial expertise, political talent, and forward-thinking mindset to keep the Union going strong!"

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