This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
"Free and Fair for All"

Why Vote Gobar? Edit

The Executive Branch needs a new face with bright ideas, and Gobar is the one to fulfill that role. Change is sweeping through the government, and change must start in the Executive Branch. But this doesn't explain anything. Why vote for Gobar over other candidates? Gobar promises to bring change by proposing the following in government:

  • Constitutional amendments allowing the Administrative Branch to propose laws in conjunction with the Executive Branch and make it so both Branches have to approve a bill for it to become law. Establish an amendment process. Either Branch can propose an amendment to a bill after passing in one of the other branches, but it must return to the other branch to be re-voted on with the new amendment. (Or for additional changes)
  • Increased Transparency: Within the firt month of the second Trimester, the Transparency Act will be put forward. The Transparency Act would establish an area where bills can be viewed by the public as soon as they are tabled.
  • Establishing an Income Tax. No, it will not be popular but it MUST be done. The Triumvirate can not earn money other than printing Tri, which is not sustainable. Graduated is preferable.
  • No cuts, but no increases. Maintain a stable budget each Trimester that can remain standard throughout the year.
  • Establish a popular election for the Executive Branch at least once a year, but maintain the current system of letting the Executive Branch elect a Major and Minor Executive each Trimester.
  • Establish term limits (Or Consecutive Term Limits) to the Speaker of the Administration

Not all policies that Gobar has introduced may be favorable, but many are needed to maintain the Triumvirate for years to come.

Achievements Edit

What are Gobar's Achievements? Well, his most notable one is starting the Triumvirate Media Corporation with 3 subsidiaries within weeks of joining the Triumvirate. 90 Tri was generated by the Triumvirate Media Corporation in half a Trimester, In addition, TMC is known for being a balanced and reliable source of information for the general public. You can expect the same qualities from Henry Gobar as Senator.

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