This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Maine's the Man!

Ogamon-style politicking is returning. And Nathan Maine, the "Aggressive Progressive" himself, is the one bringing it back.

How I Stand on the IssuesEdit

Nathan Maine

Equal Opportunity: Every citizen of the Triumvirate should have equal opportunity to get a good job, make a fair wage, and get to a good career here. Equal access to courts, to a minimum wage, and to business opportunity is the best way to do that.

Foreign Affairs: I believe the Triumvirate should put itself first, and that will help the foreign world. The Triumvirate is very unique and there is not quite anything else in the world like it, which is why we should make ourselves as successful as possible and be a symbol to the rest of the world for what to aim for. Nonetheless, there is a little to be gained by making some allies and making us known internationally as it can help with recruiting and with public image.

Banking Projects: As Stavrok wanted, it's time to push for realistic banking and regulation thereof within the Triumvirate. Loans both private and public need to be available to the citizens and business owners so that we can all be in this economic system together, and so that money can circulate.

Cultural Stimulus: I want to use the money kept in the government's treasury to encourage and fund more artistry.

Administrative Reform: It is time to seriously evaluate how we elect people to the Administrative Branch. If elected I will bring ideas for a new system, where Administrators are elected to the branch, so that the people have a say, the system is not difficult to manage, and this republican form of government can be maintained.

What I've DoneEdit

  • Framed the Tax Code
  • Framer of the Maine-Mearl Resolution
  • Participated in the negotiation of the tax agreement with Ehtya, Neil, and Speaker Mearl
  • I've been involved since early February in drafting a bill to create a reform in how major elections are run and operated within the Triumvirate.
  • Framed the Naturalization Act
  • Framed the CAPITAL Act

My EndorsementsEdit

Nremni, Former Speaker of the Administration: "Nathan Maine is the Arnold Ogamon of the Progressive Party, and it is his destiny to become the Major Executive"

Aym Uluto, Head of Law Enforcement: "I, Aym Uluto, wholeheartedly endorse Nathan Maine as the best possible candidate for Major Executive"

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