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This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Maine's the Man! 2013-III

"Though he has been called a 'loose cannon' and a 'Progressive playboy', Nathan Maine (The 'Aggressive Progressive' as Arnold Ogamon put him) has put himself in a position to become the Progressive equivalent of Arnold Ogamon"
- Triumvirate Today, Issue 12.30.12, Presenting Nathan Maine with the "Rising Star of the Trimester" title

Though his opponents and friends alike have dubbed him things like "The Progressive Playboy", "Reasonable Regulation" Maine, and of course, "The Aggressive Progressive"; Nathan Maine, whose name is famous Triumvirate wide for being a champion of economic growth, government transparency, and freedom, is charged and ready to serve a second term as your Major Executive.

My RecordEdit

Before being elected Major Executive, I brought monumental legislation such as the Tax Code, Naturalization Act, CAPITAL Act, and the Maine & Mearl Administrative Revision Plan. Since being elected I have helped bring the Triumvirate monetary policy through the Monetary Code, made punishment for cries more fair through the Punishment Standardization Act, and brought reasonable rules for the regulation and establishment of banks through the Banking Code. I authorized release (the first time it has ever been done) of dozens of old Executive Branch deliberations and votes to promote transparency in government and increase the public's understanding of our political system. In July I fought diligently and persistently for my economic stimulus plan and was able to pass the 2013-II Economic Stimulus and Infrastructure Investment Act which was a massive expansion of spending and economic development to push the economy forward. Following that, to deal with the new trend in businesses going public, I worked with Aaron Ehtya to craft the Equity and Securities Code, and since that passed, am now devoting much of my time to campaigning to keep this Union on the right track.

My Promise for a Second TermEdit

My first term was focused on building on the hard work employed by this Union in 2013, in improving our economy and the lives of our citizens, and in putting all available assets towards recruitment and development for the future. If elected to a second term, I will not just build on all of that to get effective Executives, improve the work of our government, and devote our resources towards continuing to improve and invest in our economy, but I will work on Union-building, on improving our defense and security assets, and towards increasing our diplomatic strength. The foreign world will see us in a new light, and I've already been working with the Chief Ambassador to begin finding foreign factions with whom we can utilize for nation building. So with the solid progress we've already made, and the building blocks we have left to lay, it's time to continue on this road forward and make 2013 a year not just of government efficiency as Neil brought us, not just of a fairer and improved system of economics as I've brought you, but a year of a stronger and brighter Triumvirate that the devotion of our citizens has insisted upon.


Ehtya, former Chief Ambassador, Minor Executive, and Chairman of the Joint Command Council; CEO of General Media: "The tenacity, passion, and wit employed by Nathan Maine makes him the right candidate for the Triumvirate"

Nremni, former Speaker of the Administration: "I stand behind Nathan Maine for a second term for Major Executive, never before has such a vibrant candidate lead the people with genuine interest and respect for all ideas"

Mitar Curesse, Head of Research: "Re-elect Major Executive Nathan Maine and you won't be disappointed, every day he works furiously to do what is right, even when he knows it will be unpopular"

Aaron Ehtya: "Nathan Maine is a true leader for the Triumvirate, with his devotion to improving the Union rivaled by none other we have. I wholeheartedly endorse him for a second term for Major Executive."

Lanclot Rice, Head of Commerce and Industry: "Nathan Maine is a strong figure in the Triumvirate, even rivaling that of past Major Executives. This is a strong figure, one that helps in every way he can, whenever he can. He makes us the promise of a better future, a better tomorrow. I'm looking forwards to seeing it, and I think everyone should be. He is the man for the future, and the man of progress."

Ryan Bleitze, Deputy Speaker of the Administration: "I endorse Nathan Maine completely for the office of Major Executive, he believes as government for a force for good and not evil, and he believes in the Triumvirate as something that means more than just peace or intellect, but as a place for all to come together and build the greatest Union imaginable"

Stavrok, former Major Executive, Chief Justice, and Head of Commerce and Industry: "Though I may be gone, I sleep easier at night knowing that Nathan Maine, a man who will stop at nothing to stand up for the people and for the Triumvirate, is running the show. I look at the legislation and actions that have come as a result of him, be it an economic stimulus that will save the economy, banking regulations that promote free enterprise, monetary policy that works, and even taking it upon himself to show the people how their Executive Branch functions; and I know that this man is the man for 2013. Elect Nathan Maine and you won't regret it, for never has a candidate had the passion and momentum that he has."

Thank You MessageEdit

With the election come and gone, I want to take this time to thank anyone and everyone who helped make this happen, because of you we will move forward and see sold progress. I know in a few months I'll see most of you again as we make a last stand for a third term, to make our final push for a Union of progress, and until then, know that I am very grateful for your support, and that this Union is stronger because of you.

-Fifth Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate, Nathan Maine

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