This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Maine's the Man. 2014-I

"The man is a political machine, almost unstoppable, and with four more months, there's no telling what he'll be able to accomplish"
-Triumvirate Today, Issue 9.1.13, Presenting Nathan Maine with the "Man of the Trimester" title

It's time to make that last lap. One last trimester with Nathan Maine, "The Aggressive Progressive", a champion of economic growth, government transparency, and freedom. Time for four final months of solid progress and a grand union. We've come so far that we can't give up now, and we won't give up now. So, what do you say? Shall we go around... one last time?

My RecordEdit

Before being elected Major Executive, I brought monumental legislation such as the Tax Code, Naturalization Act, CAPITAL Act, and the Maine & Mearl Administrative Revision Plan. Since being elected I have helped bring the Triumvirate monetary policy through the Monetary Code, made punishment for cries more fair through the Punishment Standardization Act, and brought reasonable rules for the regulation and establishment of banks through the Banking Code. I authorized release (the first time it has ever been done) of dozens of old Executive Branch deliberations and votes to promote transparency in government and increase the public's understanding of our political system. In July I fought diligently and persistently for my economic stimulus plan and was able to pass the 2013-II Economic Stimulus and Infrastructure Investment Act which was a massive expansion of spending and economic development to push the economy forward. Following that, to deal with the new trend in businesses going public, I worked with Aaron Ehtya to craft the Equity and Securities Code. I signed and approved the Occidental Coalition Treaty to bolster our alliances and spread our success elsewhere and, finally, as one of my last signature acts of 2013-II, I was successful in excluding all capital gains from being taxed so that we could have a tax system that was both smart and effective.

After handily winning reelection in August, I begun the new term with new ideas. My WEB Act and ARMED Act revolutionized Triumvirate defense and foreign priorities. I framed the Campaign Regulation Code to put reasonable regulation on political campaigns throughout the Triumvirate and worked to bring up the Department of Naturalization as the dominant Department within the Triumvirate. Under my time as Major Executive, as a result of my stimulus act, active membership has increased 40%, larger growth than any time in our history. When the Halloween Shutdown began as a result of the Establishment Party failing to adhere to a deal that we had made quite clearly, I continued my fight to reopen the government and protect the progress we had made in improving membership and building a Grand Union. After that I proposed the Futures Code, a large bipartisan agreement to give provisions for the continued well being and long-term planning for the Triumvirate in governmental and economic matters. Now that the shutdown is over and that big piece of legislation is passed, I'm back to campaigning for you and for the Triumvirate one last time.


"Need I even defend his merits? Nathan Maine is the Universal Triumvirate as far as I'm concerned, to not elect him to one last term as Major Executive would be to have failed the Union."
Aaron Ehtya, Administrator, Founder and owner of General Defense

"I back the Major Executive for a third and final term as Major Executive because I believe solid progress is something worth fighting for and I know he's the one who has fought for it since day one"
Carlson Tyler, Administrator

"While I may not agree with how he does things, he gets them done. I may not be in the Triumvirate right now, nor may I have left on pleasant terms, but in the long run I expect him to do things that will result in a return and a unity the likes of which we haven’t seen since Zerouh. I, Andrew Hester, hereby endorse Nathan Maine for Major Executive for the first trimester of the 2014 calendar year!"
Andrew Hester, former Head of the Treasury, Minor Executive, CEO of Corporate Corporation

"Nathan Maine is a living, breathing legend. He is like my brother, and he is like the Triumvirate's life support. Without him, I cant imagine what we would be in. I cannot imagine a better man to represent this union to a crowd of the masses, and I wholeheartedly support this man as the first Major Executive ever to achieve three consecutive terms."
Lanclot Rice, Head of Commerce and Industry, Minor Executive

"The greatest Progressive that ever lived, reelect Nathan Maine and you won't be disappointed"
Mitar Curesse, former Head of Research

"As I put after the latest General Media poll, 'to say the Triumvirate approves of Major Executive Maine is an understatement... the Universal Triumvirate adores Nathan Maine'... and that could not be more true now. The passion he has for the Universal Triumvirate and his dedication to our cause makes him the preeminent man to lead the Triumvirate into the new year."
Ehtya, former Chief Ambassador, Minor Executive, and Chairman of the Joint Command Council; CEO of General Media

"I endorse Nathan Maine for Major Executive without hesitation, he is the greatest Major Executive the Triumvirate has ever seen and will continue to serve as a leader of the people and for the people"
Ryan Bleitze, Former Deputy Speaker of the Administration; Head of the Treasury

"For Maine? An endorsement?! You're damn right I'll give an endorsement."
Ascencia, Head of Intelligence

"Nathan Maine is the reason the Triumvirate appeals as a political and economic force to the outside world. His leadership and way with words have shown that the Triumvirate is capable of producing greatness and I trust no one above him to lead the Universal Triumvirate."
Brim Davis, President of the Occidental Coalition

"What makes a man great? Intelligence, courage, devotion, strength? Nathan Maine has them all and I fully support him as Major Executive"
John Brayer, Administrator

"I look forward to serving as Chief Attorney in an Executive Branch graved by Maine's leadership for the next four months"
Edward Stenbach, Deputy Speaker of the Administration

"No leader in the history of this great Union has been as inspirational, respectable, or effective as Major Executive Nathan Maine! I'll support him any day of the week."
Satine Ehtya, Head of Naturalization

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