Government shutdown, failure to reach agreements, hostility between the highest offices, refusal to work with the other branch, putting politics before people... what has happened to the Triumvirate? Are you tired of the Progressive and Establishment parties ripping each other, and the Triumvirate with them, apart?

If so, you're in the right place. Clark McDearny is a moderate candidate from the Union Party, which has produced legendary moderate politicians like Head of the Treasury and Minor Executive Andrew Hester, Chief Ambassador and Minor Executive Ehtya, Chairman of the JCC Jackson Mearl, Administrator Aaron Ehtya, and Head of Naturalization Satine Ehtya. Not only is the party for business success, for traditional government, ardent defense, and strongly supportive of diplomatic action, but it the party that best represents the Triumvirate. Clark McDearny joined the Triumvirate in September of 2013, was taken on by the Department of Naturalization as Deputy Head of Naturalization, and is now seeking your help electing him to the Executive Branch as Senator.

Recently, Major Executive Nathan Maine asked for McDearny to testify before the Executive Branch on the effects of the shutdown on the Department of Naturalization, and McDearny described the terrible effects the shutdown has had on naturalization and citizenship. He called for an immediate end to the shutdown so that the government can do as its supposed to, taking a moderate solution, a compromise, and getting the Triumvirate on the right track again.

If you support political moderation, compromise by politicians, strong defense, traditional government, business ventures, the keeping of strong and safe alliances, and the ideas of a Triumvirate that is on point with what it should be like in 2014, vote Clark McDearny for Senator!



Aaron Ehtya, Administrator, owner of General Defense: Clark will speak for the people and for business, encourage strong support for firms, and he represents the core values of the Union Party. A vote for McDearny as Senator is a vote for a true Triumvirate man."

Satine Ehtya, Head of Naturalization: "McDearny has done a fantastic job working for the Department of Naturalization and is the Triumvirate's best choice for Senator. He'll make membership and business a priority."

Ermier, CEO of First Nation Consulting: "Clark is a strong representative for a pro-business atmosphere in the Triumvirate, I endorse him in his campaign for Senator"

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