This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Union Party

My name is Jackson Mearl. I am the current Chief Ambassador, Chairman of the Joint Command Council, and the Deputy Chairman of the Union Party. I've been with the Triumvirate since April of 2012, serving in the Administrative Branch for three and a half trimesters, one of which as Deputy speaker, and then serving in the Executive Branch starting in July of 2013, where I've served until today.

I served on the Joint Command Council, originally appointed by Major Executive Maine, and became Chairman of the Joint Command Council on July 1, appointed by Major Executive Maine and the Executive Branch again. I have been involved in key defense and security decisions under Major Executive Maine, helping frame the WEB Act and the ARMED Act. I was the leader of Triumvirate expropriation forces during the Expropriation of the Clan Wiki, for which I received the Distinguished Defensive Service Award.

I lead Triumvirate forces to victory against Desolare, negotiated with the allied nation of Pania as well as the Occidental Coalition, helped frame the Treaty of Ten, and ended the war with Desolare, reorganizing the nation into Neo Desolare. As Chief Ambassador I helped secure the first treaty with the Occidental Coalition, now our strongest ally. I was heavily involved in working with Pania in their struggle with the tyrannical Desolare and in spreading the word of the Triumvirate abroad.

Since joining the Triumvirate, I've been a proud supporter of business, helping make sure that companies like General Media, General Defense, Prime Personnel, and First Nation Consulting remain unhindered and successful. I've been a supporter of the traditional ideals of an elite Executive Branch and a populist Administration. I've been an ardent supporter of foreign actions, propping up diplomacy and doing what I can to make sure that the Triumvirate maintains a strong international presence.

You may remember my last campaign, which came to an unfortunate close with a split vote. This time, things have changed. We have a new election system, one which will settle elections so that a majority of our branch supports them. We have a weak Majorate which has attacked the ideals of liberty, internationalism, and business at every turn. A Major Executive who, propped up by the revealed spies, Authoritarians, and Progressives which elected him, has attacked our businesses, imposed unfair restrictions on our citizens, been outright hostile to foreign leaders, and weakened our security. His ideas of economic socialism, welfare, and isolationism have failed the Triumvirate, and it is time to make the right choice.

Mearl for Major

My ViewsEdit

1. The number one priority of the Triumvirate should be its defense and security. We've learned many times that we are not alone and that we should be prepared. As Chairman of the Joint Command Council and as Chief Ambassador, I know this better than most. The Triumvirate should have a commander-in-chief who has experience in the area they are most necessary for: defense.

2. Business makes the world go round. As a member of the Union Party and a close friend to the Ehtyas' and other business ventures I've helped keep the private sector free and flowing, making our economy vibrant and diverse. The government shouldn't interfere with the private sector, it should make sure that private businesses can compete and do well on their own.

3. Traditional government is smart government. If someone were to ask me why the Triumvirate has been so successful, the first answer I have is because of its unique form of government. I know from serving in both the Executive and Administrative branches that there are merits to each and that the branches are separate for a reason. The Executive Branch should elect qualified individuals and be elite, the Administration is meant to protect the people from elite decisions of the Executive Branch. The Major Executive should be elected by the Executive Branch just as the Speaker should be elected by the Administrative Branch. I believe Zerouh and Arnold Ogamon knew what they were doing when they designed the government, and it's worked so far, why fix what is not broken?

4. International affairs are the future of the Triumvirate. My brother, former Speaker of the Administration Andrew Mearl, and I used to have many debates as to what the role of the Triumvirate in foreign affairs was. He was a die-hard isolationist, and I was a die-hard interventionist. I believe that putting ourselves out there, being heard, being a voice in the international community, will improve our stature and bring in economic benefits (not to mention benefits in terms of new members).


  • Aaron Ehtya, Administrator, CEO of General Media and General Defense, Chairman of the Universal Triumvirate Chamber of Commerce: "As a business owner, I can tell you right now that Jackson Mearl is the best candidate for Major Executive. He promotes international cooperation in economies, which is good for business, and he doesn't treat business as the enemy. Ryan Bleitze has destroyed this economy, our Union's security, and our foreign standing, and there is no one I trust more than our very own Chief Ambassador to restore us to the state of greatness we deserve. I have full faith in his leadership and I cannot wait to see him as the next Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate."
  • Clark McDearny, Senator: "As Senator I have seen firsthand the effects of poor planning by the current Majorate. We are going the opposite direction we need to be going... we need to move towards more international actions, more private sector business, and a steady government. That is why I support someone who shares the views we need, I support Jackson Mearl. At the end of the day, the Major Executive's most important role is to be our commander-in-chief, and there is absolutely no one who has more of that knowledge than General Mearl. Elect him and put the Triumvirate back on the right course."
  • Adam Ruror, General Minister of Pania: "I endorse General Mearl as the best leader for the Triumvirate. Pania owes the Triumvirate its life, but we are also indebted to Jackson Mearl, who, along with Major Executive Nathan Maine, saved Pania."
  • Andrew Mearl, former Speaker of the Administration: "Make the smart choice in voting for the Major Executive and elect my brother, Jackson Mearl. His time in the Triumvirate and his loyalty to the cause makes him the Triumvirate's man for 2014."
  • Thomas Armethol, President of Pania: "Over the past eight months, Jackson Mearl has demonstrated his loyalty to the cause of international peace, assisting in freeing my nation from the tyranny which possessed it and escorting us to victory and lasting peace. He is the man who deserves to be your Major Executive and I want to work beside him in the future leading both of our great nations towards a better future."

To Wrap It UpEdit

I am the candidate in this election with the most experience, I have what it takes to be commander-in-chief, manage this Wiki, and manage all of our other domains. How can I prove it to you? I've done it for a long time now. I have been second-in-command of defense for a year as Chairman of the JCC, during which I actually lead us to our greatest victory in the war against Desolare, maintaining diplomatic and military command. I have managed our wikia efforts and site security for a year, and know every in and out of our defense systems, capabilities, and intelligence. I believe in the cause of the Triumvirate, in foreign action, privatization, and in a strong Executive Branch (with a strong Majorate to complement it). I have been in the Triumvirate a year longer than any person who seeks to challenge me, during which I gathered experience in the Administration, giving me a rounded insight that some of my opponents cannot compete with.

We have been on a wrong course this trimester, and it's time to head in the opposite direction, in my direction.

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