This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
We Want Mitch

Mitchell Carrick

I have been with the Triumvirate Executive Branch only three weeks now, but immediately I noticed that things are not right. You have a government that refuses to get along, you have backroom deals, business handouts, unreasonable and harmful spending, and dishonesty in what should be a straightforward system. Politicians bicker over whether a flat tax is necessary, without considering the detrimental effects of a graduated system. They fight over whether we should increase taxes, use bonds, coin more money, or prosecute criminals to raise funds, without recognizing we wouldn't even need to raise money were it not for an absurd and unhealthy amount of spending.

You have a Major Executive who wants to bankrupt this government to fulfill his own political aspirations. You have huge business that wants to support him and will gladly put business into intensive complications with government affairs to do so. There is a Speaker of the Administration and a Major Executive who refuse to hear each other out at all and stop at nothing to bypass each other. What has happened? What went wrong?! Some might tell you it's because of political parties, some might tell you it's because the Administration has too much power, others might say it's because of the transition to parliamentary procedure in our branches, and a few may even say it's because some offices are too powerful. None of these things are true. The real reason is not any of that, it's because something has changed at our heart, something has changed inside. The Triumvirate was once focused on justice, on intelligence, and on order, it meant something, and our old fashioned thought was brilliant. Now there's greed, corruption, backstabbing politicians, and a lack of ethics and morals in government. It's time to fix that. The way we start is by stopping the further expanse of these idealistic political crusades that some, like your Major Executive, are so fond of.

Let's put an end to it all, let's go back to the traditional mindset of the Triumvirate. Let's save the government from itself, and let's retake the Union! Join my team, and support me in my campaign for Major Executive. If we can do this, we can end 2013 as strong and powerful as we've ever been.


Andrew Mearl, Speaker of the Administration: "Mitchell Carrick is intelligent, classical, and economic. He has shown himself to be prominent in debate and in discussing economic and social policy. Though we may not agree on everything, he is always willing to come to the table and talk openly. We may be looking at the next Elliot Neil here."

Harrison Mearl: "I endorse Mitchell Carrick so that we have smart economic constraints and a smart government. We can't go on living in this fairytale of economics that Nathan Maine has created, it's only a matter of time before his over-expansion and over-regulation permanently hurt the Triumvirate economy, and it's imperative we act now to stop that from happening before it's too late."

Ermier, CEO of First Nation Consulting: "Nathan Maine can speak very well, he is a good leader, he can get attention, and he is very persuasive, no one is telling you otherwise. Mitchell Carrick has the connections within the Administrative Branch, with Speaker Mearl, and with the people that are political assets to him. He is a tough debater, changing minds day by day, he has shown that he knows what he is talking about, and he knows the consequences of letting this idealistic mindset run its course. Idealism can be good in short doses, but you can't let it go on forever, it's time to come back to reality and elect Mitchell Carrick."

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