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This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Ogamon for Major 2012

Hello, my name is Arnold Ogamon. I am your Major Executive, your Chief Attorney, and a senior member of the Executive Branch. Welcome to my campaign page!

As many of you might already know, there is a special election for the Major Executive position this month, on the 26th. I am the incumbent in this race and, Stavrok, the Head of Commerce and Industry has announced he will be challenging me. For more information on his campaign visit this page: Campaign:Stavrok for Major 2012. I have challenged Stavrok to a debate to be held the day before the election occurs, on the 25th on May. The debate will be moderated by Ehtya.

I offer my resume should you wish to view some of my work so far: TDN:Arnold Ogamon - TID 4

Some of my major achievements are:

How I StandEdit

I suppose you could call me a "Triumvirate Conservative".

Isolationism: I am an isolationist. I believe the Triumvirate should devote resources and effort towards itself, not towards involving ourselves in international affairs. It is important we put the interests of our Union first, by doing so, we will help others.

More Effort Towards Historical Records: As many of you might know, many of my policies and work on this wiki have involved recording and documenting our history. My Historical Protection Act was key in this, as has been the establishment of the wiki Archive.

Department Regulation: I support laws that more strictly define the role and powers of Departments and Executive positions. I do not think that a loose government with Departments being able to have total freedom over their acts is always a good idea. It can be good within a moderately controlled environment where there are set limits to the power of a Department or position, but not when there are no restrictions.

Elite Government: To hold with Zerouh's original ideals, I believe the Executive Branch and the government in general should only have the best of the best. We should not have to settle for anyone less. The people who manage our government must be experts.

Stop Government Spending: I do not favor excessive, wasteful, or overdone government spending. The free market is built on its own, the less the government interferes with the economy the better.

Government Simplicity: I do not think the government or the Triumvirate in general should be complex and complicated. I think we should do everything in our power to make it simple and effective. No big entanglements. No creation of things that aren't needed.

Campaign StatementEdit

Who am I? What do I stand for? What are my flaws? My record, my history, and the things I have done have already answered those questions. Arnold Ogamon, Second Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate. To some it might make them angry, to some it might make them hopeful. That is my title, always will be. If Zerouh was the equivalent of George Washington, I like to think of myself as the equivalent of Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson. Whether or not you support me is your choice, but I want honesty here. Consider the facts, all of the facts, and make your choice: who will be the victor in this next election? Will it be my opponent, Stavrok, a brilliant economist and longtime Triumvirate member? Or will it be I, the one with leadership experience and the mindset and resources it takes to get the job done?

The Major Executive is not a position to be thought of lightly. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful position in the entire Union. The person in that position is forced to deal with situations weekly that in a year many other positions might never deal with. The one sitting in that chair, in that office of the Major Executive, needs to be decisive, needs to make difficult decisions quickly, and needs to be prepared for the worst. My opponent, I'm sorry to say, is not that kind of man. He does not have experience with this sort of responsibility. Stavrok is an accountant, an economist, not the man who should sit in that chair. He does not have experience in making difficult and dangerous decisions and he does not have the capacity to lead the Triumvirate through a crisis. Now I have no issue with him as a person, he's a terrific Executive and he is the father of our economy, but he is not the one you want "holding the football".

Under my time as Major Executive, the Triumvirate has been safer than ever before. My opponent has said that the Countdown Crisis is an example of why this is not true. Let me rebut this by saying that were it not for many of the security implementations that myself and Ascencia had performed, that the attack could have conceivably ended the Triumvirate entirely instead of just crippling the Executive Branch. In that situation I acted promptly. I recognized my own end and listened to the advice of the Executives. I temporarily stepped down as Major Executive and gave the power of the position to Ehtya. Some say that was the worst thing I've ever done. Some say it was the greatest thing I've ever done. All I know is that the Triumvirate still stands to this day because of that prompt decision I made in that moment.

Let me reassert what I stated during the State of the Union and my opponent, Stavrok, is now using against me: I am an isolationist. The Triumvirate cannot be out policing or keeping peace outside of our own borders. It's not our job, it's not our responsibility, and we don't have the resources to do it. Fine, let the Triumvirate form alliances that will benefit us without making us entangled in international affairs. But never can we let ourselves become snared by international conflicts, we must put our internal interests first. Stavrok wants to take us back to the days when the Triumvirate crusaded for justice anywhere it could reach, but as a few of you might remember, we prodded too far. It came back to bite us, and bite us it did. We ended up in a cold war culminating in an attack against the Triumvirate Executive Branch; doesn't that sound familiar?

Citizens of the Triumvirate, you do not have a vote in deciding who is elected on May 26th. You do however have a say. Speak to your Executives: Ehtya, Hester, Ascencia, Mitar, Stavrok. Tell them what you think and make sure you are heard. It doesn't matter who you support, it's your choice, but make sure you support who you feel will be best for the Triumvirate.

Thank you.

-Arnold Ogamon, Second Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate, Chief Attorney, Senior Executive

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