This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Universal Triumvirate, dont you think its time to start something for the future? With the start of campaign season, and the Trimester starting its long haul to the end, we will look to a new leadership to bring us into a new age. Who should lead that drive, you ask? One candidate you can count on is Lanclot Rice.

Why should I be elected?Edit

Out of all the known Candidates, why should I in particular be elected? Well, you may not agree with me, and I may not agree with you, but I WILL NOT rest until we are moving in a positive direction, I WILL NOT falter in making sure you all have the security you need to be safe, and I WILL NOT fail to put the Triumvirate first and foremost in my time. 

My views, the common Progressive standings, are very simple. Below are 3 headings in which I will go into depth about the "Big 3".


Our Economics had great hopes during Maines Tenure. The GDP, which should be 50% government spending, 50% consumer spending, was at ideal heights during the beginning of 2014. The Recruitment incentives, which have slightly progressed in numbers, are at the prime peak right now. They should not be decreased for the time being, and should not be raised. We should do more to protect the consumer, and the business' who offer them the services. Raising the taxes to a higher amount isnt the issue, since it would be harmful given our current circumstances. That as well needs to stay pat for the time being, since it is at a comfortable rate at the moment. When the consumer is happy, the Business is happy. When the Business is happy, the Private Sector is happy. When the Private Sector is happy, the Government is happy.

Defense and Foreign AffairsEdit

I am of the stance that we need to expand the Triumvirate's interest at a safe rate. We dont need to halt all activity, but we dont need to immerse ourselves fully into a international society. The Triumvirate needs to keep its interests first, but try to help other nations when we can. The Occidental Coalition, Pania, Desolare, etc. are all very important nations that we need to involve ourselves with. We need to open Embassies with all of them, and make sure we are all on satisfactory terms with each other. I promise, if elected, we will open international visitations, and make the Triumvirate Culture more diverse and expansive.


Government is a touchy issue, with the controversial divide between Administrative Power and Executive Power. I do think that the Administration deserves more power, as it is finally coming to full fruitition and power among the Triumvirate. On the other hand, as an Executive, I do think that the Executive Branch should have certain powers due to its nature as the intellectual branch. The government needs to have a 55/45 split on this issue, keeping the balance of power just that, a balance. 

My Promise for a First TermEdit

My promise for a first term includes the expansion of internationalism at a comfortable rate, reasonable economics, and balanced government. If elected, you may not think me a better candidate than most of the others, but I have more of a passion and desire for this nation to do great things. I am the youngest candidate, but that is advantegous. I have more time to spend on the Triumvirate, and I will keep the wiki up to date on a daily basis. I promise you a term of Progress, and a term of prosperity. 

                                                                                                              Lanclot Rice, Head of Education


Spencer Kaye, Head of Media

"Executive Rice is hard working, passionate, and a focused man and the best choice for Major Executive. I am sure he will do what it takes to improve the Triumvirate. I wholeheartedly support Lanclot Rice in his Campaign for Major Executive."

Andrew Hester, Head of the Treasury

"I endorse Lanclot Rice to become Major Executive and bring forth a better future for the Triumvirate."

Allison Braugh, Administrator

"I want to personally endorse Lanclot Rice, our former Minor Executive, and chairman of the Progressive Party, in his run for Major Executive. I believe he has the attitude to do the work we need."

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