This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes

Head of Education, Lanclot Rice

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Executive Branch, and the other peoples who will no doubt see this letter, I come to you not today, not tomorrow, but for the rest of my tenure to offer you something that you need. You need change. “Perfection is to change often,” to quote House of Cards, the show which with many of us are enamored. It is true that this is a campaign statement, and it is true that I’m asking something from those of you who may not be willing to give. I would love nothing more than to be your Major Executive, and I am struck with pride in the simple thought of me being able to turn on my computer and greet such a community that we have built here.

The legacies of Major Executives Neil, Maine, and Ogamon have built this nation onto stilts that enable it to see over the highest mountaintops, and curtail the strongest floods of which we are no doubt to face. For 5 years, we have been the preeminent example of democracy, brotherhood, and strong leadership that the collective group of cyber nations can offer. We have struck down a mighty foe in Desolare, and sludged through the scandals committed under the Bleitze Majorate. We have no more time to look at past success, and we must move to the future if we are to maintain any sense of greatness we have. I’m no longer interested in talking about the monumental tasks by the political titans before me, I feeble in comparison to all of them. Now is the time to carve our own history, instead of looking back and hoping the clock will strike 12 twice instead of 1.

My competition, a man who I hold with the highest regard, would have you believe that he would be better than me for the position we are battling for. What can I say? The man knows law. He’s studied it his entire tenure here, devoted his career to it, and will stay mounted in the seat until he is removed or otherwise retires from limitations. He’s a very educated man, and I can see why some would argue that he is the better choice for Major Executive. I know a reasonable sum of Triumvirate law, but not to the par that Edward holds. I do not demand respect as he does, either. But, one thing I can offer to you that he cannot, is my undivided attention and care.

Failure to update the front page of the wiki for 14 days (until I did so), and lack of response to me concerning a deal to revitalize this Union has put us on the slippery slope of inactivity, and reducing what we had to distant memories. The audacity my competitor holds to remove awarding of the Ogamon Emblem by his Majorate, but to remove a sacred tradition such as the State of the Union? The Majorate deserves to be strong, with vast power that can initiate sweeping reforms. The deterioration of the Major Executive’s position has sickened me, and it not only deserves to have someone hold the position that will treat it with such power and demand it deserves, but also initiate the reforms this nation so desires that will help us in the big picture. The only act of legislation my opponent has proposed, the CORE Act, annihilated the basics of the system that we grew to love. The elitism of the Executive Branch is something that will be very useful in the long run, but cutting taxes and initiating tariffs? The message we are sending to the rest of the world is that we do not want their inclusion. This must be reversed for the foreign policy to begin to grow again and shape itself into something we can be proud of.

Correlation does not mean causation, but in this case, the outcome of the policies initiated by the Stenbach Majorate has been too much to burden. We have lost very good members to which I can name: Alicia Pembrook, Allan Frankland, Joshua Johnston,  and Riley Chester. We are losing active members a lot faster than we are gaining active members to replace them. The policy of the Stenbach majorate to totally ignore the problems of inactivity has not only SEVERELY wounded us, but will leave us with a scar for months to come. The agenda of the Rice Majorate would be solely to focus on regaining members during the first 4 months in office, coupled with Education reform which I plan to talk to my friends on the conservative side of the aisle about. I will not rest nor settle until we gain 2 active members for every 1 that we lose, and will not stop until we can offer them a reasonable education system that the Stenbach Majorate has failed to deliver upon.

My promise to you, all of you, is that you will have my undivided attention. I am familiar with leadership, with editing the wikia and with managing the concerns of others. I know how to be bipartisan, and will lean across the aisle to do what must be done, even if that means cutting taxes to an absolute flat rate of 0% until April 1st, 2015. The Private Sector, the Government and foreign entities need to work together to ensure that the state of our economy will thrive for years to come, whether I would take office or not.

Very powerful men and women have held the position I approach, and I intend to join them and show you what I can do given the chance as leader. The road in front of me is paved with hardship, but the fruits will be endless and enjoyable. The Rice Majorate will not forfeit on its word, and I will uphold my promise to give you a better Nation and a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your time.

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