This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes

Equality, Realism, DiplomacyEdit

Nicholas Romanov stands for the people.

Election Speech Edit


Senator Romanov Reads over the final draft of his Election Speech

Thank you, citizens of our glorious Union, for choosing myself and Mr. McDearny to represent you in the Executive Branch. I plan to seize this opportunity to promote accountability and transparency in the legal workings and procedure of the Triumvirate. By ensuring that new legislation does not promote secrecy in the workings of the government, I hope to engineer a platform where the government can serve its citizens the best. One way we can increase the transparency of this Triumvirate is to have each department in the Executive Branch release periodic reports detailing accomplishments, shortfalls, and goals that the department needs to meet. These reports would not just increase the transparency of the government, but by having these reports we can immerse all citizens, especially new ones, in the workings of the Executive Branch. Having well informed members is the key to making sure our leaders are truthful, and with knowledge we can fight many forms of injustice. An open government promotes an engaged populace, with which we can usher forth a surge of enthusiasm that will bring the Triumvirate to a new age of light and prosperity!

In order for the Triumvirate to succeed, we must have a leader that truly represents the whole country. When the ones running the nation are not synchronized with the populace, we may receive a head of state that does not hold the same beliefs that the ordinary citizens do. This dissonance ruins what government is for, because it is the duty of the government to serve the people, not the people to serve the government. Yet when the people are able to select their leader, we create a state of harmony that in return fulfills its obligation to its people. This is why I support a constitutional amendment that would make the vote for Major and Minor Executive a popular vote.

I hope to spark progress for our foreign policy, which should be a cornerstone in the growth of our nation. Now is not the time to sit idle and let opportunities to include more people in our Universal Triumvirate slip through our fingers. We need to embrace the flow of new members and engage them in our community. Each person should not fear opening discussions on other forums and bringing in new members, and our government should extend an open hand to the many people from around the world in embassy exchanges, thoughtful treaties, and engaging discourse. After all, didn't we all find our way here one way or another? None of us are born to the Triumvirate, yet we still have adopted it as our own. And it is our responsibility to open it up to others so they can show us new ideas, new policies, and new ways to reach for the stars.

Thank you all once again for your support,

Long Live the Universal Triumvirate

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