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This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Sessions for Major

The Good Days are Coming Back. Since I took office, economic activity has increased to expand our GDP (not even all the way through July, it has the highest monthly GDP since Nathan Maine), our average citizenship this trimester so far has been 36.5 members (the highest average ever), new businesses have opened and provided a boom to a financial system that is becoming structurally stronger, and the government has cut its trimester spending while increasing services. But the best days are still to come, and I’m dedicated to continuing to work to see to it that they come now rather than later.

My RecordEdit

Over this summer, we’ve passed several of my bills to get the Triumvirate on the right direction. There was the SIFIMI Act, which set rules for identifying, monitoring, and setting reasonable and effective standards on systemically important financial institutions. My “Party On” Act provided more clear rules for founding a political party, adding political stability, while liberalizing how parties can operate internally. I’ve worked with Minor Executive Stenbach to create a plan for the grand schematic of the government, reestablish the Department of Media, and create the Department of Education. I’ve worked to coordinate economic discussions with the Occidental Coalition alongside acting Chief Ambassador Edward Stenbach to assist them in developing an economy of their own. We passed my bill to restore expropriation authority so that the Triumvirate can maintain a peaceful, yet forceful, presence in standing with our allies and against any who may seek to harm us. And that’s just the big ones.

Executives I’ve worked alongside have passed legislation from a variety of walks, to cutting the government’s budget to its lowest point in a year, passing formidable laws like the GREAT USE Act and a comprehensive set of rules for civil procedure, injunctions, appeals, and judicial organization. We’ve fought to reestablish the minimum wage, in a fight that I am not ready to give up on, despite the fierce opposition we faced. Business accounts have been standardized and clarified for a variety of tasks and types. Not to mention the administrative actions that many of my fellow Executives have been working on including Head of Education Stenbach’s tireless efforts to prepare for the Union Academy to be unveiled as well as to provide scholarships for those seeking legal certification, Head of Naturalization Rice’s methods to bring public input and answer the concerns of the populace into his Department, Head of Commerce Antoniou’s endless advocacy for populism and economic revitalization, and Chief Attorney McDearny’s work to assist the Executives and other government officials in their legal concerns and in framing legislation.

But even my work this summer isn’t over yet, I’ve been working with Chief Attorney McDearny and Head of Education Stenbach on a bill to establish a system of public defenders so that justice is fair, decent, and available to all. Stenbach and I have also been working on a bill called the Liberalization of Executive Actions and Departments (LEAD) Act to give each and every Department the powers necessary to operate and provide essential services in the modern Triumvirate. Considering all I’ve done and plan to do this trimester, it’s time to look forward, to next trimester.

My Plan for 2015-IIIEdit

Recruitment: It's issue number one, and it shows, we've put (Head of Naturalization Rice included) such effort into it that this trimester is, so far, boasting the best average citizenship of all time. We need to hit it from both sides: see to it both that the Department of Naturalization spends money wisely and has the money it needs to do what it needs to do. The Department has come under fire, fairly in some cases, unfairly in others, but it's time to allocate our priorities so that the Department responsible for managing our number one issue gets our number one priority. By providing more activities, social media involvement, meaningful careers, and entrepreneurial endeavors for our members, we'll expand on citizenship, and I want it to be a coordinated action between not just the Department of Naturalization, but between the Department of Commerce, Department of Media, Department of Education, Department of State, and any other Department that can offer even the slightest service to help maintain, retain, and recruit new members.

Government Expansion: By continuing to implement mine and Head of Education Stenbach's plan, the Stenbach-Sessions plan, we can expand the government to be more efficient, effective, responsible, and proactive. Government services will increase, Executives will begin filling more roles as administrators for their Departments, and we can grow into our growing population.

Better Security: Security has been ignored for trimesters and it's time for that to change, I've been working with Chairman of the JCC Clark McDearny and Head of Intelligence Plecrov this trimester to make sure we are prepared for whatever or whoever may come at us seeking to harm us. By coordinating between the JCC, Department of Intelligence, and my office, I hope we can achieve an efficient and more effective method of security and in identifying issues before they begin. It's time to restore the TDI-TDS-JCC relationship that our government once boasted to great effect but which we've lacked for some time.

Interaction with our Allies: We cannot afford to ignore the outside world and we've seen trimester after trimester of apathy towards our allies. Since I became Major Executive in May, I've been communicating with the Occidental Coalition's President Brim Davis about joint summits to discuss economic cooperation, his nation's economic development, security, and how we can assist them. I want to make a targeted effort to elect a qualified and experience Chief Ambassador who can defend the actions and culture of the Triumvirate while maintaining a reasonable respect abroad and work to rebuild our international bridges.

Fair Labor: It's time to set a reasonable minimum wage of ∇10 per trimester. It's just time. Repealed due to politics in the past, it's the right thing to do, and I plan to work with those who have fought for it and continue this fight next trimester.

Individualized Executives: Though I've been attempting to allow individual Executives to pursue individual or group projects and my and Stenbach's LEAD Act will assist in that, it's important we continue pushing for a branch of individuals working in coexistence rather than a branch of clustered parties working together. By helping individual offices pursue personal or departmental projects, we've created a branch where every Executive always has something to do and where we see more legislation, more ideas, more activity, and a better Triumvirate.

Justice for All: As the courts become a more prominent force in the Triumvirate and judicial disputes increase, we need to guarantee a fair, equitable, and reasonable system of justice so that those who cannot afford legal representation are given so by the government, that legal rights are clearly laid out for all citizens, and that the courts are a fair and unbiased place for disputes to be settled reasonably.

Taxation: It's time to push for better and more reasonable revenue for the government. Though government Departments like the Department of Education have begun resulting in more revenue for the government, the fact that government spending accounts for two-thirds of the Triumvirate's GDP but the government has run a consistent budget deficit is unsustainable. By protecting the Brayer-Braugh Act (and the institutional savings tax associated within it), evaluating a moderate tax on companies (certainly on corporations), and making sure that all pay what is fair and necessary, we can become a more fiscally responsible government and the entire Triumvirate can become better off.

New Mainenomics: With new laws like the Naturalization Contingency Act, we can create Mainenomic policies to invest today for the future without compromising the fiscal welfare of the government. By applying these standards to other Departments and government institutions and prioritizing for whom we sell debt obligations, use our revenue, and by freeing up Departments and offices to create, test, and expand on programs as they see fit, we can use Departments as the workshops of government.


"Once again, I will be pleased to cast a vote for a successor I continue to have confidence in. Sessions is a Major Executive who refuses to accept party politics and plays things by what is right, not what is popular, and there has never been a Major Executive with as smooth or considerate a demeanor. Reelect Charles Sessions as your Major Executive and I do not doubt we will see the Triumvirate we ought to become rather than the one we have been."

-Edward Stenbach, Head of Education and Dean of the Academy, Minor Executive, Seventh Major Executive

"Charles Sessions has produced an Executive Branch where all can be respected, all can share their views, and where he allows the success of all instead of the success of a few. There has never been a Major Executive as unaware of his value, but Charles Sessions is invaluable for the Triumvirate."

–Clark McDearny, Chief Attorney, Chairman of the JCC

“When Sesssions goes on to a second term as Major Executive, I know I for one will sleep a little more soundly knowing that we have a Major Executive that has done the impossible and made every Executive valuable rather than aggrandizing himself while simultaneously producing a rational agenda with a light touch. The Sessions Majorate is one I want to see pan out, because I have a feeling we could be on to something big with this one.”

–Leonard Misset, Administrator

“Major Executive Sessions’ best days are yet to be seen and I endorse him for a second term so he can continue in his pursuit of a better Triumvirate. Sessions is good for business and good for the Triumvirate.”

–Aaron Ehtya, Administrator, President of the Chamber of Commerce

“Charles Sessions is the first Major Executive to treat the Administration with mutual respect to his own, he’s been willing to hear us out and confer with us, even when he disagrees with what we’re pushing for. His policies have been productive and successful and I look forward to seeing what he advocates for next.”

–Luke Cannon, Speaker of the Administration

“I endorse Major Executive Sessions for a second term because he is a man of great ideology, and knows when to stand up for what is right. He always helps everyone that he can, and nobody more boldly embodies the ideals of a leader than him.”

–Lanclot Rice, Head of Naturalization

"I endorse Major Executive Sessions because he knows how to effectively lead the Triumvirate while keeping party politics below him and standing up for what he believes in"

–Henry Gobar, Senator

"Sessions is the only Executive I know who can compromise between the most conservative and most liberal members of the Triumvirate without compromising the punch of his legislation. I encourage all who can vote for him to vote for him and I wish I could do the same myself"

–Howard Coleson, Administrator, CEO of Investment Industries

"I endorse Charles Sessions for Major Executive. His Majorate's departure from the somewhat overpowering leadership of the past is what enables the Executive Branch to be as intellectual as it is, is what makes each individual Executive the preeminent leader in their field. I trust him the most to lead the branch into a more enterprising, more economically sound future for the Triumvirate."

–Jackson Eden, Head of Media

"Charles Sessions has been a generally positive force in the Triumvirate. We don't see eye-to-eye on every issue, but he has been a resolute and considerate leader who has been a moderating influence on Triumvirate politics and an intelligent advocate for progressive economic policy. I wish he had to face a democratic election, but I would have no problem casting my ballot for him in that election, just as I will have no problem casting my ballot for him in the Executive Branch vote."

-Anna Antoniou, Head of Commerce

Looking to endorse Charles Sessions? Contact Clark McDearny at and get your name on this campaign so we can all continue working for a better Triumvirate!

Our TeamEdit

The Sessions 2015-III campaign team boasts an impressive staff of dedicated, experienced, and diverse members.

Clark McDearny: Campaign Manager

Lanclot Rice: Deputy Campaign Manager

Howard Coleson: Director of Fundraising and Spending

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