This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Stavrok-Hester 2013
Welcome to the campaign page for incumbent Major Executive Stavrok and Minor Executive Andrew Hester for 2013 Trimester I.

Stavrok's Election StatementEdit

Members of the Triumvirate, we are less than two months away from the next election, and the choice could not be clearer. There are new issues, like the appropriate way to develop our economy and stimulate business, how we set a fair tax on businesses, and how we acquire members to bring the Triumvirate to the ultimate prosperity. Who do you trust, the party focused on staying back and letting things happen? Or the party and the candidate focused on being progressive and stepping up to get things done? Executives, Administrators, I hereby announce my bid for reelection as your Major Executive for the first trimester of 2013!

My record stands for itself, since I first took office in June as your Major Executive, we have increased our economy by 150%, we have made rules for a functioning party system, we have set ourselves as a defender of justice abroad with the PEACE Act, we have extended power to the Administrative Branch to give them fair say in our political process, we have elected two new Executives, and we have passed legislation to prevent discrimination and to expand recruiting ability. 2013 will be a new year for us all, and it's time to set forth my plan for my third term if I am reelected. This is my plan for 2013:

  1. I will work with Executives, business owners, and Administrators to create the Consumer Protection Agency, a government agency whose sole purpose is the protection of consumers from unfair business practices, corrupt business actions, and poor quality dealings.
  2. To set up legislation for banking within the Triumvirate both in the private and public sectors. Using this we will provide loans from the government to stimulate business growth and entrepreneurship.
  3. Bringing the culture of the Triumvirate to a new high, using the massive amount of wealth the government has to pay artists and those in the media to give us imagery, videos, and other visual work for the Triumvirate.
  4. Using the wealth of the government to increase incentives to recruit members for the Triumvirate.

My previous Minor Executive and close friend Ehtya has said he will not be seeking election again this December, and while he will be missed as his ability in crisis situations is phenomenal, we both agree there is a clear choice for who should stand with me as Minor Executive for my last trimester as Major Executive. Running with me in this election is Andrew Hester, your esteemed Head of the Treasury, and member of the Union Party. An extremely active and precise member of the Triumvirate, he and I have consulted on most major decisions and we have always held respect for each other's opinions. Between the two of us, our financial and economic work has been extraordinary. His business knowledge and my big picture view will contrast nicely as we keep the Triumvirate strong economically and politically.

Are you better off than you were in June 2012? Yes We Are! Is there still room to get even better? Yes there is! How do we get there? Vote Stavrok - Hester for 2013!

Andrew Hester's Election StatementEdit

As some of you may or may not know, I’m Andrew Hester, current Head of the Treasury and Sophomore Executive. I haven’t always been I was once the Emperor of the Triumvirate’s ally, The Empire for almost two full years. As Emperor I was always in contact with Zerouh then whomever was the Major Executive to keep the fragile alliance together from Ehyta’s attempts to secure the alliance.

I’m running for Minor Executive because I feel that there should be someone within Minor-Major Executive Positions to keep the tensions between the parties in the Executive Branch. With Ehyta stepping down I feel it’s time for me to step up to this idea.

Stavrok and I are both competent economists; together I feel we can keep the economy not only growing but also from crashing like the 1929 stock market crash or the more recent 2008 recession. Not only keeping the economy strong but also the Triumvirate, in keeping to move the Triumvirate forward.

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