This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes
Stavrok for Major 2012
Welcome to my campaign page, find all the information you need to get involved in my campaign for the Major Executive position this year.
There's an election coming up in August, 2012. I will be running for Major Executive to keep my office as the incumbent.

My Election Statement (May 2012)Edit

As of today, I am hereby announcing my intentions to campaign against the sitting Major Executive, Arnold Ogamon.

It has been almost a year since our beloved founder resigned and handed his office to Arnold, and let me say: Ogamon's regime is not working. He will claim that the Triumvirate is at an unprecedented level of prosperity; that under him, the Union has implemented great programs and policies like the resume system, the economy's release, the GUARD Act, and the Independence Act; and he will tell you that we are more secure than we have ever been. These are all false. Ogamon's policies of isolationism have separated the Triumvirate from the world and made us ignorant to what is happening around us. His "security" has allowed the worst attack in our history to occur. And many of what he might claim as his own legislative victories were actually conceived by others. The Triumvirate used to be a grand beacon of hope and justice, but now we have moved so far away from that that we are digging our own graces. Think about it, population growth has been stalled ever since Zerouh left; Ogamon's own programs and initiatives have been used to help himself, such as the Rules of Criminal Procedure, and more notably, the GUARD Act. Are we still a force against injustice? Or have we strayed from our goals and fallen to squabbling politics?

It's time for change. It's not only time for change, we're far overdue for it. If I am elected as your Major Executive this month, I assure you that change will come. I will put forth my best effort to increase our population using methods like incentive programs. I will see to it that our government imposes stricter regulations on the acts of our politicians so that they will never put themselves before the well-being of the people. And most importantly of all, I will once again bring the Triumvirate out of our intolerable and detrimental mind set of isolationism. We will become a force for global good, not just one for our own selfish good.

Arnold has claimed in his most recent State of the Union that due to Zerouh's "failures" in involving the Triumvirate in international enforcement of justice that "Zerouh retracted this stance and transformed the Triumvirate into an isolated Union". Not only is this wrong, but it is insulting to the memory of Zerouh. I don't ever remember Zerouh as the type of man to back away from any challenge. He stood against injustice anywhere until the day he left. To claim anything else is disrespectful to his character. If there is one issue I'd like to see dominate this election, it would be this: Ogamon-style isolationism versus Zerouh-style interventionism.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you examine the evidence you'll see that Arnold Ogamon is not working. You'll see that there needs to be change or else the Triumvirate may damn itself to extinction. Despite all of this, I will make several promises about my campaign that I hope my opponent will choose to make in his as well:

  • I will not suspend Ehtya as my running mate, even if he endorses or votes for my opponent. If I am elected, Ehtya will remain my choice as Minor Executive.
  • I will not use any power of my office to assist my campaign.
  • I will not spend money on my campaign. It is not a responsible thing for someone in my position to do.
  • I will openly work with my opponent to create a law regulating campaigns that we, and the Executive Branch, all agree with.
  • I will not directly court any member of the judiciary.
  • And I will not let this election or its results hinder the productivity of the Executive Branch during this campaign or in its aftermath.

With all of this in mind, there are eighteen days until the six members of the Executive Branch vote. Some will vote for Arnold no doubt. Some will vote for me. How they decide will impact the Triumvirate for a long time.

-Stavrok, Head of Commerce, Sophomore Executive (5/7/12)

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