This Campaign Has Ended
This campaign is no longer ongoing, it exists as a page solely for historical purposes

Announcement StatementEdit

To every member of the Triumvirate, I would like to personally, as your Minor Executive, and Chairman of the American Caucus, wish each of you a wonderful Independence Day. 238 years ago our country's founding fathers declared to the world that the United States were separate from prior rule and destined for a greater path. In the decades that followed, we would endure hardship after hardship, but never depart from our core views of liberty, perseverance, and justice. Now we stand as a global power, after saving the world from the conquest of evil, we continue to lead the world in our endless pursuance of justice for all.

No future event may ever compare to the bravery and fortitude that the founding fathers had when they created this great nation, which is why it is no accident that I am choosing this day, our Independence Day, to announce my candidacy as Major Executive. For those of you who do not know me, I am Edward Stenbach, your Minor Executive and Chief Attorney. I served in the Administration for two terms. My first term as Reserve Deputy, during which I aided in creating Major Executive Maine's stimulus, despite my own party's objection. And my second term as Deputy Speaker, during which I negotiated an end to the dismal Halloween Shutdown. I served on the Joint Command Council for seven months under Major Executive Maine. In Major Executive Maine's last term I was elected Chief Attorney, the first since Arnold Ogamon to hold the position. And, last April, I was elected as your Minor Executive. I have been the Chairman of the Establishment Party since May, and have set myself the goal of rebuilding our once great party into the power it used to be. Now, I dream of doing this by becoming your seventh Major Executive, and reigniting the flame set by Major Executive Ogamon three years ago, and Major Executive Neil a year later.

Members of this eternal Union, there is no excuse for the failures of the last two months. The prosperous times of Nathan Maine and Elliot Neil's leadership are over, and we must set ourselves on a path towards restoring the Triumvirate. Our foreign relations have been dismantled by an isolationist Major Executive. Our businesses are suffering from a Majorate that seeks to prosecute them instead of aide them. Things are bad, but there is always hope in the Triumvirate for those who know to push on. In bad times we see greater strife in ourselves to go forward and improve on our own, regardless of the circumstance. It is that eternal flicker that keeps the endless flame of the Triumvirate burning, and it is what will lead us to security and wealth in 2014.

I will seek to become Major Executive in the upcoming election this August because I believe in the Universal Triumvirate, because I believe in our great founding ideals, just as Americans today continue to believe in America's founding ideals. It has been sixteen months since a member of my party, the Establishment Party, was Major Executive, and the last two Establishment Major Executives have been universally adored in history. My party is not young, but it is virtuous, and I am what I can only hope to be the stand for the resurgence of the Establishment Party. We are the party that fights for business, not for government; the party that fights for the Triumvirate first, not last; the party that believes that government should be as it was derived; and we are the party whose ideals built this Union in the first place. There is no older cause than ours, and now I am staking my campaign on making the Triumvirate great again.

I have selected, in my candidacy, unlike my opponents, to take on a running mate. With myself running for Major Executive, I am proud to tell you today that, at my side, is Charles Sessions, your Administrative Liaison, and a member of the Cosmopolitan Party, who will be running with me as Minor Executive. He and I agree and disagree on much, and that is what makes our relationship strong. Sessions has been a diligent servant of our people and our government as an Executive, faithfully carrying out every duty of his office and fostering connections on all sides of the political spectrum. Now, he and I are devoted to securing a better future for the Triumvirate, and that is a cause that is more important than any political difference.

If I am elected your Major Executive in August, come September when I take office, I will make it my prime directive to build on this Union just as Nathan Maine did, and Elliot Neil before him, and Arnold Ogamon before her. Today I am announcing a plan in the works to create a Universal Academy, and idea that I spoke to Aaron Ehtya and Theodore Crown about in January of this year. A private academy, dedicated to the principles of this Union and knowledge, to teach and guide our citizens who seek to learn more about our noble past, noble law, and noble pursuance. Thanks to the help of my running mate, Charles Sessions, we are well on our way to proposing legislation for this academy and gathering support in the form of educators and wisdom. As Major Executive, I would protect our domestic interests, while upholding our longstanding diplomatic relationships. I would pursue fiscal wisdom over warrantless spending. I will foster business and promote policies to strengthen business while allowing new ones to be created. And most importantly, I will hold true to the cause of Major Executive Maine, and the policies of his which are so critical to this Union.

Members of the Universal Triumvirate, success is not something we are entitled to, it is something we must work for. I hope I merit your consideration and your support in my charge for Major Executive, the fight ahead may be difficult, but nothing grand was ever easy. From me to you, and from our Triumvirate to you, have a fantastic and liberating Independence Day. Do not forget the cause of our predecessors, both as Americans, and as members of the Universal Triumvirate.


  • John Brayer, Deputy Speaker of the Administration: "Edward Stenbach is the most intelligent, wise, and practical person to put in the office of Major Executive. He has the foreign policy and defense experience under his belt, political ability to make him successful, and the spirit of Triumvirate patriotism that we so desperately need in these times."
  • Bradford Durand, Administrator, CEO of Prime Personnel: "Stenbach has the can-do attitude needed in the Executive Branch these days. His opponents call him a 'know-it-all' and an 'academic elitist' but, forgive me if this is so crazy, I want someone who is academic and educated as my Major Executive. He is the biggest supporter of free business in the Executive Branch and he has friends in every nook and cranny of the Triumvirate, no matter their political affiliation, everyone can testify to the fact that he is a likable person with good ideas and good intent."
  • Vulpes Arenas, Head of Commerce: "I support Edward Stenbach and his policies. They are the closest to mine and he has also helped me on many an issue."

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