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Stenbach 2015

Election StatementEdit

I am not a public man. I am a quiet man, a reserved man, and a contemplative man. That does not mean I am not an astute man. This Union is in the midst of a calamity: activity among even the top government officials has fallen, the economy is in the midst of recession, and the policy successes we saw at the beginning of this year have been seemingly forgotten. There are many reasons for this issue including wasted time, improper allocation of resources, failure by Executives to implement policies that were passed, a loss of a Head of Naturalization, and improper accounting of members. The proposed solutions vary, but people are unwilling to take action, and those who do take action are met with opposition or are ignored. This election is not about this problem alone though, it is about the vision the Executive Branch has for a manager and for a commander-in-chief, as well as how it wants to pursue collaboration and action in the future.

I'm not here to tell you what or who to blame for this problem and if you blame me, that's your own lack of education holding you back, but I am here to explain why the policies I have pursued in the past have been successful and why the policies and agenda I have going forward will be successful. Though many seem to forget so, this trimester has seen some major initiatives passed, including:

  • A bill to repeal the mandated minimum payment to government employees, pursuing a free market policy of employment
  • A bill to limit government account holdings, making our fiscal conservatism more practical
  • A bill to modernize our judicial and legal system, creating a statute of limitations and revising our legal certification system
  • A bill to create clear and critical requirements for Executive offices and cut government spending, improving our fiscal situation and setting reasonable standards for our high officers
  • A bill to establish historical certification, creating new education opportunities and a new certification program

All of which I co-framed or framed outright and had an extensive role in implementing. The trimester has also seen a strengthening of our Constitution, initiatives to change our intelligence procedure, a dramatic reduction in the power of my own office, and collaboration between the Administration and the Executive Branch - all of which I spearheaded. We have done so much, which is why we must not be fooled into thinking that our achievements are small. More political Major Executives than myself generally roll out their key legislation over the course of a trimester in order to make it seem like their agenda is constant and that they are always at work. I prefer the policy of putting my legislation at the forefront of the trimester so that many important changes and programs are passed as soon as possible so that the Triumvirate does not have to wait for them. It is irresponsible to hold back on legislation that the Triumvirate needs simply for political purposes, and I've pursued a policy to do the opposite and promote quality legislation early.

I find myself if an amusing position, facing an opponent who argues for a greater decrease in taxes than I would. This is an unusual departure from the traditional beliefs of the Progressive Party, which has shown most brashly this trimester particularly due to division and fracturing in their own ranks, but I will explain why I will not advocate for a 0% tax rate. There is a point where raising or lowering taxes too much leads to a decline in economic growth and government revenue, a concept displayed clearly in economics via the Laffer curve. A rate of 100% would result in little economic growth as would a rate of 0%, but a balance must be struck, somewhere - for us, at least, I'd argue - around 3%-8%, which is why, in the bill I've been working on with Speaker Cannon, we will be pursuing a policy of a 5% tax rate. This bill, along with dropping taxes to 5%, will contain other provisions such as the elimination of unfulfilled projects, smarter reallocation of resources, easing department standards (so as to get accurate readings of current membership), and simplifying how we accept new members. Other tag-ons to the bill will come up I am sure but I have faith that we will be able to present a bipartisan and unified solution to the problems we are facing, one that the face of the Progressive Party in the Administration can defend, as can I.

That bill is part one of my three key agenda points for the trimester to come. Number two on that list is bringing education truly into the forefront by proposing the Universal Academy, a project that has been in the works for months, which I've collaborated with Theodore Crown on extensively. Integrating private certification systems, degrees in various studies, preparations for scenarios and jobs that the Triumvirate has to offer, and basic information on how the Triumvirate functions will all be introduced. This will secure our intelligence, academia, and prosperity for the future while creating a stronger and more educated Union. The last agenda point I want to hit home is the individualization of Executives, something that, personally at least, I would attribute a significant portion of our current problems on. Executives in our current system do not feel motivated to be go-getters, to be the type of people who will openly advocate or pursue agendas of their own without going through myself or the entire Executive Branch first. We need to do away with the thought that individual Executives are powerless, and I've attempted to do so by dramatically weakening my own office so that the environment is ripe for Executives to reach out on their own. By have Executives recognize the full power of their respective offices, we will see activity boosted, and we will see great action on behalf of the Executive Branch to improve the Union overall.

I am not here to lie to you and tell you that I alone can solve the problems we are facing, though it may be what you want to hear, it is false. It will take the hands of many to solve our collective problems. As much as it may be painful to hear, the issues we face are not the issues caused by one person, but by all of us, shirking our responsibilities and forgetting to be aware of where we come from and who we are. We need to take a ground-up approach and look at who we are as a Union and what we want to be in the future, not devolve into complexities or loss.

I am not a politician. I am not a hero. I am a scholar, an educator, an academic, and a scientist. I study our system, I study who we are, our history, and where we are going. We are in a time where there is great divide between our political progress and unity and those who believe we must use every element available to get our way. In my entire term as Major Executive, I have constantly sought to compromise, to reach across the aisle, and to work with anyone and everyone who will work to help myself and all others do the jobs we need to do to make the Triumvirate a better place. In my last campaign I made the statement that, "Success is not something we are entitled to, it is something we must work for," and that is something we must embody in the trimester ahead. Either we work together and bring about lasting change or we work separately and fall apart.

Thank you,
-Dr. Edward Stenbach


Aaron Ehtya, CEO of General Media and General Defense, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Administrator: "I proudly endorse Edward Stenbach to continue serving as Major Executive for his pro-business, pro-intelligence, and pro-freedom initiatives. He has served to protect our free markets, traditional government, and our welfare even when it was not politically popular. We are in a time where we need wit, clever intelligence, and hard work to get us through our problems, and there is no person better than Edward Stenbach to provide us with all three."

John Brayer, Deputy Speaker of the Administration: "I reiterate what I said last time about our Major Executive. He is the smartest, wisest, and most qualified person for the job. The Triumvirate's politics have done well under his leadership and he has created a spirit of communication and openness between the Administration and the Executive Branch unlike others before him."

Bradford Durand, CEO of Prime Personnel: "Reelecting this 'academic' 'elitist' man we all respect is the best choice the Triumvirate can make and I fully support him to remain as Major Executive"

Jackson Mearl, former Chairman of the JCC, former Deputy Speaker, former Chief Ambassador: "Edward is a close friend and a great icon for the Triumvirate in the new year. There is no candidate better for 2015 than Edward Stenbach and I will gladly put my name on the line to support him."

Clark McDearny, Chairman of the JCC, Chief Attorney, former Senator: "Stenbach's leadership that involves a gentle touch, soft words, and selective delegation has ushered in a new, unprecedented era of government. He leads with compassion and with honesty rather than big words and politics. We need more decent people like him and I fully endorse him to remain as Major Executive!"

Charles Sessions, Administrative Liaison: "Major Executive Stenbach has been invaluable to the Triumvirate in terms of his hands-off approach with regards to business and government. He has solidified the Executive Branch as an institution that is bottom-up to the Major Executive rather than top-down and has never used his own power to do anything that was remotely unnecessary or controversial. He has the restraint and the decency to always value the Executives and the system rather to assume he is above all of us, even though he is the smartest man in the room. That is why I endorse him in his reelection bid for Major Executive."

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