A caucus is a political group, made up of Executives and members of the Administrative Branch, that serves for a specific purpose. They were established by the Committee and Caucus Code and can be as wide ranging as a caucus for members of a specific political party to a caucus for politicians seeking a very small adjustment to policy. As private entities, caucuses set their own rules, membership, and meetings.

Creating a CaucusEdit

Any member of the Administrative Branch or the Executive Branch may create a caucus, but they must have three members in the caucus total including themselves. In order to register the caucus they must send a registration request to either the Minor Executive or the Underspeaker of the Administration. The registration must include the name of the caucus, statement of purpose, and leadership structure. Then the Minor Executive or Underspeaker of the Administration will approve the caucus (if it is reasonable) and it will be formally listed on the wiki.

Rules for CaucusesEdit

Caucuses are required to be planned, founded, funded, managed, and supported privately. They cannot receive any handouts or supports from the government. They are also forbidden from hiring anyone and members of the caucus cannot use powers of their office to support their caucuses.

List of CaucusesEdit

Caucuses that have been crossed out are no longer existent.

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