Censure is a mechanism in the procedure of both the Executive Branch and the Administrative Branch that allows a respective branch to formally condemn, reprimand, and disapprove of one of their members. It has no immediate consequences, though it is documented on a resume if it is successful and, in the Executive Branch, if an Executive receives three censures, impeachment must be opened up against them (though not necessarily passed, the Executive Branch would debate and vote as usual in impeachment).

Senators, if both of them agree, are able to issue "Senatorial Condemnation" against any Executive, which results in an immediate censure on its own.

Censured IndividualsEdit

Individual Date and Origin of Censure Reason Notes
Stavrok January 3, 2013 by the Executive Branch Improper attitude to Major Executive Neil.
Ryan Bleitze May 22, 2014 by the Executive Branch Unfairly targeting business for personal reasons, sluggish administration, behaving inappropriately to allies, leaving the Triumvirate in an unnecessarily heightened state of defense.
Andrew Hester January 4, 2015 by the Executive Branch Failing to publish the necessary tax information and send out the budget in a timely manner.
Spencer Kaye February 21, 2015 by the Executive Branch Failing to produce imagery and attend the duties of his office by deadline and extended deadline.
Jackson Eden October 5, 2015 by the Executive Branch Inactivity and failing to respond to requests and contact by Executives.

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