Records Edit

Census records will be compiled and maintained by the Bureau of Census Information, the chair of which is appointed by the Chancellor once every 6 months. The Chair of Census Information will maintain the records of citizenship and other valuable records in order to keep a uniform identification process in the Triumvirate.


The Triumvirate Department of Naturalization must keep this updated
Name Identification digit Résumé Status
Lancelot Rice 1 BCI: Lancelot Rice - ID 1 Active member
Alexander Buchanan 2 BCI: Alexander Buchanan - ID 2 Active member
Vulpes Arenas 3 BCI: Vulpes Arenas - ID 3 Active member
Clayton Rice 4 BCI: Clayton Rice - ID 4 Active member
Tacitus Arsinius 5 BCI: Tacitus Arsinius - ID 5 Active member
Horatio Eden 6 BCI: Horatio Eden - ID 6 Active member
Ian Nolon 7 BCI: Ian Noland - ID 7 Active member
Kit McCarthy 8 BCI: Kit McCarthy - ID 8 Active member
Edward Greiner 9 BCI: Edward Greiner - ID 9 Active member
Steve Wilde 10 BCI: Steve Wilde - ID 10 Active member
Jacoby 11 BCI: Jacoby - ID 11 Active member
Spencer Kaye 12 BCI: Spencer Kaye - ID 12 Active member
Henry Twain 13 BCI: Henry Twain - ID 13 Active member
Andrew Hester 14 BCI: Andrew Hester - ID 14 Active member

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