Chancellor of the Executive Branch
Lancelot Rice
First Chancellor Lancelot Rice
Current Position
Entered Office July 1st, 2016
Predecessor None
Other Positions None
Party Progressive
[[{{{Chief of Staff Page}}}|Chief of Staff]] None
Deputy Chancellor The Vice-Chancellor
General Position Overview
Purpose To act as Head of State to the Universal Triumvirate, to lead the nation in moral conduct and enforce the laws passed by the Senate and Conclave, to represent the Triumvirate to other nations, and to maintain the Universal Triumvirate wiki.
Formed June 6th, 2016
First Chancellor Lancelot Rice
Preceding Positions Archive:Major Executive

The Chancellor of the Triumvirate is the acting Head of State and commander-in-chief of the Triumvirate forces. Formulated when the new constitution was ratified in June of 2016, the first Chancellor to take office was Lancelot Rice, the last of the previous Major Executives.

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