Chief Ambassador and of Jurisdiction of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Department of State
Seal of the Department of State
Current Position
Entered Office December 3, 2015
Predecessor Quiar Tos
Other Positions Freshman Executive
Deputy Chief Ambassador and of Jurisdiction Vacant
General Position Overview
Purpose To lead the Department of State, lead negotiations for the Triumvirate, and protect the Triumvirates interests abroad
Formed Original Executive Position, January 27th, 2010
First Chief Ambassador and of Jurisdiction Ehtya
Last Chief Ambassador and of Jurisdiction Quiar Tos

The Chief Ambassador is an Executive Position whose job it is to manage the external relations and negotiations for the Triumvirate along with managing the Department of State.


The Chief Ambassador's main responsibility is to lead negotiations for the Triumvirate and to represent the Triumvirate in diplomacy. They also stand up for what they feel is best for keeping the Triumvirate strong in the external world and, in some cases, they can speak for foreign governments and individuals to represent what the outside world is thinking. The Chief Ambassador is always a highest rank in the Department of State and they lead the diplomatic core. Concentrates on issues that affect the american people.

Chief of Jurisdiction?Edit

When the position was originally created it was named the Chief of Jurisdiction and Diplomatic Actions, the role of this position as the chief diplomat in the Triumvirate was clear, but what was curious was the Constitutionally named role as a "Chief of Jurisdiction" which remains to this day (it currently says "Chief Ambassador and of Jurisdiction". Zerouh never spoke about what this additional name for the position meant but for some reason he insisted it remain. It is pondered whether this name grants the Chief Ambassador additional powers pertaining to whatever a "Chief of Jurisdiction" would do. Zerouh's own secrecy as to what this means is curious and suggests that perhaps Zerouh left a message somewhere about it or, perhaps more likely, specific instructions with the original holder of the position, Ehtya.

Past Chief AmbassadorsEdit

Ehtya (At the original creation of the position, 1/27/10 → 7/1/13), the first Chief Ambassador, Ehtya set many precedents for the peaceful roles of the Triumvirate and how persistent the Triumvirate must be on representing what it stands for in the international scene. He served as Minor Executive of the Triumvirate for over a year, during which the Countdown Crisis occurred and gained a "war hero" status, forever immortalized as a guardian of the Triumvirate.

Jackson Mearl (7/1/13 → 9/24/14)

Greg Bailey (9/24/14 → 3/15/15)

Jackson Eden (9/13/15 → 11/7/15)

Lanclot Rice (12/3/15 → 1/22/16), went on to become the 9th Major Executive after the Winter Attacks in January of 2016.

Qiar Tos (1/26/16 → 5/4/17), Elected by the Executive Branch to serve during the Winter Attacks in January of 2016.

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