Chief Attorney of the Executive Branch
Kit McCarthy
Seal of the Department of Justice
Seal of the Department of Justice
Current Position
Entered Office 18th September, 2017
Party Progressive
General Position Overview
Purpose To lead the Department of Justice, defend the Triumvirate in external courts, speak for the Executive Branch legally, and to defend the Executive Branch and its members in court.
Formed September 20th, 2010
First Chief Attorney Arnold Ogamon
Last Chief Attorney Alexander Buchanan

The Chief Attorney is an Executive Position whose job it is to represent the Triumvirate in court (as if a solicitor general) and to lead the Department of Justice, they are the principal agent of the Triumvirate when it comes to litigation and legal enforcement.


The Chief Attorney has several responsibilities. They lead the Triumvirate Department of Justice and appoint individuals under it. They study the law of the Triumvirate and of its allies and clans so they can be well informed of the many laws that are involved with the Triumvirate. The Chief Attorney gives legal advice to those within the Triumvirate, particularly the Executive Branch and the Executives in it. The Chief Attorney also argues for the Executive Branch in court and defends individual Executives if they desire it. This can include trials for oragainst Executives, trials for or against the Executive Branch, trials against criminals, and the defense of the entire Triumvirate in foreign courts.


The Chief Attorney position was conceived by the Triumvirates founder Zerouh and Arnold Ogamon. Arnold Ogamon would become the first Chief Attorney. This position was very influential in the creation of Triumvirate Legal Certification which Zerouh and Arnold Ogamon framed. The Chief Attorney position has been one of the most influential positions in shaping the Triumvirate since the time it was created.

Past Chief AttorneysEdit

Arnold Ogamon (9/28/10 → 4/2/13): The first Chief Attorney who also helped conceive of the position. Under this position he would also become the first Minor Executive and second Major Executive.

Edward Stenbach (1/1/14 → 7/16/14): Former Deputy Speaker of the Administration, Edward Stenbach was elected as a moderate conservative as part of the deal made at the end of the Halloween Shutdown. He was elected as Minor Executive and then became the seventh Major Executive when Major Executive Bleitze resigned.

Riley Chester (7/31/14 → 9/14/14)

Clark McDearny (9/18/14 → 1/24/16)

Alexander Buchanan (1/24/16 → 5/4/17): Appointed Chief Attorney by Major Executive Lanclot Rice in the aftermath of the Winter Attacks.

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