This Institution Is Dissolved
This institution has been dissolved (removed from use) and no longer exists as a formal entity. This page is here so you can read about its history
Chief Historian of the Executive Branch
General Position Overview
Purpose To preserve the history of, maintain archives for, and inform the Triumvirate of historical matters.
Formed August 12, 2012
First Chief Historian Nathan Maine
Dissolved September 7, 2013
Last Chief Historian Nathan Maine

The Chief Historian is a member of the Executive Branch who is an expert on the history of the Triumvirate. They utilize the tools available to them to preserve historical relics and information, maintain archives, and to keep the Executive Branch informed on historical matters. The position was dissolved and its responsibilities moved to the Head of Education on September 7, 2013.

Past Chief HistoriansEdit

Nathan Maine: (2/3/13 → 5/1/13) Nathan Maine became the fifth Major Executive of the Triumvirate after serving as Chief Historian.

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