Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Seal of the Judicial Branch
Seal of the Judicial Branch
Current Position
Predecessor Esteemi Evantsu
General Position Overview
Purpose To manage and monitor the Supreme Court
Formed October 12th, 2011
First Chief Justice Stavrok
Last Chief Justice Esteemi Evantsu

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is one of the most honorable positions in the Triumvirate as they are the ultimate figure in the Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch, with the consent of the Administrative Branch, appoints the Chief Justice. They have a tie-breaking vote in the Supreme Court and attend to the management, technical aspects, and general scheduling of the court.

Past Chief JusticesEdit

Stavrok (At the original creation of the position 10/12/11, → 1/12/12), the first Chief Justice and former Head of Finance. He brought up and greatly established the power of the Supreme Court, a fairly liberal justice, he performed a more administrative role as he had to build the court. He would later return to the Executive Branch and become the third Major Executive of the Triumvirate.

Esteemi Evantsu (1/16/12 → 1/23/16), the second Chief Justice, Evantsu held the office for a long time in which he really defined the court. Fairly conservative but still accurate in his interpretation of the law, Evantsu gave himself a defining position in Triumvirate history in serving as the Chief Justice for such an extended period of time. He descended to inactivity during the Winter Attacks, thus vacating the position.

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