Chief of Staff of the Major Executive
Jackson Eden
Seal of the Major Executive
Seal of the Office of the Major Executive
Current Position
Entered Office December 27, 2015
Predecessor James Harlan
General Position Overview
Purpose Serve as a direct adviser to the Major Executive, as their chief counsel outside of the Executive Branch.
Formed January 3, 2013
First Chief of Staff Theodore Crown
Last Chief of Staff James Harlan

The Chief of Staff to the Major Executive is one of the most prominent political positions in the Triumvirate. They are selected by each Major Executive, and are usually a close friend or political ally. They are the closest, non-Executive, adviser to the Major Executive and as such are privileged to some of the greatest privileges in the Triumvirate. They are paid ∇40 per trimester of service and even have access to top confidential information. Executives and Administrators alike often become very familiar with the Chief of Staff as they are essential in the process and will often negotiate on behalf of the Major Executive. The Chief of Staff is sometimes referred to as "the fourteenth Executive", as they are very involved in the politics of the Universal Triumvirate and is the only person who is not an Executive to have access to the private Executive Branch site.


An incoming Major Executive names their Chief of Staff when they take office, or may even discuss who will become the Chief of Staff during their campaign. Chiefs of Staff must have been a Triumvirate citizen for at least six months and cannot have an extensive criminal record. They cannot be in another branch of government, be an Executive, Administrator, judge or justice, and can't own a business. Their sole job must be that of being the Chief of Staff to the Major Executive.

The Major Executive may remove the Chief of Staff from office and the Executive Branch may also remove the Chief of Staff by a two-thirds vote. Any time there is a vacancy in the office, the Major Executive may appoint a new one.


The Chief of Staff has both a managerial and an advisory role to the Major Executive, often doing the following

  • Schedule meetings and events for the Major Executive
  • Managing other staff for the Major Executive
  • Protecting the interests of the Major Executive
  • Negotiating with key politicians for the Major Executive's agenda
  • Acting as a high level government official
  • Carrying out actions of the Major Executive's office
  • Advising the Major Executive on various issues

Past Chiefs of StaffEdit

  • Theodore Crown, Chief of Staff for Major Executive Elliot Neil, Major Executive Nathan Maine. (January 3, 2013 - April 30, 2014)
  • Ronald Afferson, Chief of Staff for Major Executive Ryan Bleitze. (May 1, 2014 - July 12, 2014), Afferson resigned as a result of the blacklist scandal.
  • Alexander Beauregard, Chief of Staff for Major Executive Edward Stenbach. (August 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014), he was relieved of service by Major Executive Stenbach.
  • Anthony Antoniou, Chief of Staff for Major Executive Charles Sessions. (September 1, 2015 - October 26, 2015), went inactive almost immediately and was relieved of service by Major Executive Sessions.
  • James Harlan, Chief of Staff for Major Executive Charles Sessions. (December 27, 2015 - January 23, 2016)
  • Jackson Eden, Chief of Staff for Major Executive Lancelot Rice. (February 28, 2016 - Current)

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