This page is for use by all Triumvirate members, businesses, allies, and the Triumvirate government in order to request jobs and list the appropriate pay, who to contact, and any requirements or other information. Please submit classifieds like this:

==="Job name"===
*'''Description:''' "brief description of the job"
*'''Requirements:''' "any requirements for the job"
*'''Pay:''' "how much you will be paying for this job"
*'''Contact:''' "Group/person/business who is looking to hire"
*'''Other information:''' "any other information relevant to potential people you might hire"
"Your signature here, you can simply type in ~~~~ to sign and leave the date mark"

Be sure to put the job in the respective section in terms of industry that it goes into. Only government officials should post career opportunities in the government jobs section.

It is important to view and note the differences between private sector positions versus public sector ones. Private sector careers are those held by private organizations, businesses, and individuals. They are not intertwined with or affiliated under government jobs. They usually pay better but look worse, have less opportunity for awards, and don't usually tend to look as good on a resume. Public sector careers are careers under the Triumvirate government and while many of them either pay poorly or don't pay at all, there are many award opportunities and they look more impressive on a resume.

Government JobsEdit

Deputy Head's of DepartmentsEdit

  • Description: See job description for the head of the department, except without the Executive stuff. Other descriptions depend on the job.
  • Requirements: Depends on the type of Deputy position.
  • Pay: Depends on the type of Deputy position.
  • Contact: Vulpes Arenas,

Vulpes Arenas , Chief Ambassador

Justice of the Supreme CourtEdit

  • Description: A head of the Supreme Court, deciding criminal and civil cases and hearing arguments so that you have a role in interpreting the law.
  • Requirements: Triumvirate Legal Certification and extensive knowledge of the Constitution. Judicial election process.
  • Pay: ∇15 per trimester
  • Contact: Vulpes Arenas, ; Lancelot Rice,

- Vulpes Arenas , Chief Ambassador ; Lancelot Rice , Major Executive.

Political AideEdit

  • Description: Working as a personal assistant to an Executive, assisting in framing laws, preparing files, and coordinating meetings.
  • Requirements: None.
  • Pay: No pay but it will give political experience and give you a good list of contacts allowing for the opportunity to enter political office yourself.
  • Contact: Any Executive or Administrator

- Vulpes Arenas , Chief Ambassador ; Lancelot Rice , Major Executive

Private Sector JobsEdit

None at this time, feel free to edit this section whenever your company decides to have job openings. Thank you.

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