Signers: Universal Triumvirate, Corporate Corporation

Origin Date: August 4, 2013

Corporate Corporation-Universal Triumvirate RuneScape Gold Coin Investment Contract

Chapter One: Parties involved

Corporate Corporation
The Government of the Universal Triumvirate

Chapter Two: Terms

Effective upon the signing of this contract, Corporate Corporation will be sent to the 50,000,000 RuneScape gold coins the government of the Universal Triumvirate possesses.
Corporate Corporation is to then do as it wishes with the coins within an investment pool upon who anyone else can join and any profits gained from the equal to the stake percentage amount they have in the pool. Explained as follows:
The government has 50,000,000 invested in the pool and has a 40% stake, if the pool made a profit of 10,000,000 the government would get 4,000,000 with the remaining 6,000,000 going to the other investors based on their stake in the pool.
On a monthly basis Corporate Corporation is to provide an asset worth of where the Triumvirate’s investment is invested in to *to be descided by the Universal Triumvirate*. This equity statement must apply standard accounting principles, mainly in the terms of the conservative principle that applies to accounting.
Corporate Corporation in addition to providing a balance sheet of the money of the pool to the government, it is to also provide a screenshot as to show the fact that the assets are real.

Chapter Three: Termination of this Contract

Both parties may by their own intent in ending this contract on their own accord and this contract may be annulled effective the last day of the trimester a party declared intent to do so and upon the final payment and this contact shall be rendered void for the preceding trimester onward.
In the event Corporate Corporation looses the Triumvirate’s principle, either due to being hacked or otherwise, Corporate Corporation is to inform the Acting Major Executive, Acting Head of Intelligence and the Speaker of the Administration.
Should the Universal Triumvirate decide to end this contract with Corporate Corporation due to losing the principle and owed interest for whatever reason, Corporate Corporation shall still owed the Government the RuneScape gold coins in full, to be paid overtime at a rate of 1% per trimester till paid in full.

Chapter Four: Changing the terms

At any time the Universal Triumvirate and Corporate Corporation may come to renegotiate the terms of this contract.

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