Signatories: Jackson Eden (CEO of Eden Publishing), Andrew Hester (CEO of Corporate Corporation)

Date: 26/07/2015

Sale of the Corporate Corporation

1)     The Corporate Corporation (hereafter referred to as “CC”) and all of its subsidiaries shall become subsidiaries of Eden Publishing.

2)     All logos, articles, newspapers, residual funds, debts (both to and from CC) and all other properties owned by CC shall become sole property of Eden Publishing.

3)     Andrew Hester, current CEO of CC, relinquishes all ownership of CC, enacting Jackson Eden as CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Union Times effective immediately.

4)      Andrew Hester is debarred from running a competing newspaper company for a minimum of twelve months.

5)      A total of 300 tri is to be paid to Andrew Hester’s personal account in ten trimesterly instalments of 30 tri, commencing at the beginning of the 2015-III trimester and ending at the beginning of the 2017-III trimester (unless the debt is paid in full prior to this end date)

6)      Andrew Hester is entitled to receive a lifetime’s subscription to the Triumvirate Tribune, which shall not be rescinded if he leaves the Triumvirate – this subscription only expires if and when the Triumvirate Tribune ceases publication.

7)      The GM-CC contract will continue to be executed under Jackson Eden’s directorship, as will all other contracts CC is currently a party to.

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