Corporate Architecture
Corporate Architecture
Founded July 12th, 2012
Chief Jackson Eden
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Industry Architecture
Employees 1
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  • Creating blueprints
  • Construction

  • Corporate Architecture is a Media Industry oriented Corporate Corporation subsidiary, designing building blueprints.

    Current ProjectsEdit

    These following designs are presently being designed.

    Executive OfficesEdit

    Person's Office Individual Contacted Architect Designing Percent Finished Submitted
    McDearny's Office Yes Andrew Hester 100% Yes
    Stenbach's Major Executive Office Yes Andrew Hester 0% No
    Sessions Minor Executive Office Yes Andrew Hester On hold at office holder's request, GM approved. No
    Crown's Office Office Yes Andrew Hester 99% No
    Hester's Office Yes Andrew Hester 50% No
    Rice's Office Yes Andrew Hester 10% No
    Plecrov's Office Yes Andrew Hester 0% No
    Romanov's Office Yes Andrew Hester 0% No
    Kaye's Office Yes Andrew Hester 0% No
    Vidius's Office Yes Andrew Hester 0% No

    Drafting StaffEdit

    If you need to contact a designer just look at who's designing what and check their email to get a hold of them.

    • Jackson Eden
      • Chief Architecture Officer
      • Email:


    • Chief Architecture Officer- The Chief Architecture Officer is the head of Corporate Architecture and is in charge of all projects the subsidiary is in. They are also the top choice to design the largest imaginable projects, such as a city.
      • Currently Jackson Eden is the CAO
    • Senior Architect- Senior Architects are highly regarded designers, who can draft large projects, such as a businesses' headquarters.
    • Architect- Architects are regular people who draft mid level projects, such as large structures.
    • Junior Architect- Junior Architects are regular people who draft minor projects, such as houses or small structures.

    Designing OfficesEdit

    Corporate Architecture offers individuals their own personal office designs, notiablly Government officials. Prices will vary based on the size of the office, as with most designs done by Corporate Architecture.

    Past DesignsEdit

    Executive Conference Room Elliot Neil's Major Executive Office Andrew Hester's Minor Executive Office Ehyta's Executive Office Arnold Ogamon's Executive Office Ascencia's Executive Office Nathan Maine's Executive OfficeArnold Ogamon's Major Office

    Designing BuildingsEdit

    Presently Corporate Architecture offers it's services to design (with the possibility to build later) any structure of your choice and design. Corporate Corporation will design buildings and will charge based on the size of the floor designed and the number of floors. The table below shows Corporate Corporation's size definitions and price to design a floor.

    Size Name Size (in square feet(meters)) Current Price (Normal)
    Massive 500,000 (152,400) ∇42 (∇34)
    Large 250,000 (76,200) ∇21 (∇17)
    Medium 100,000 (30480) ∇8(∇7)
    Small 25,000 (7,620) ∇2(∇2)
    Tiny 10,000 (3,048) ∇1

    (Example if you have a twenty story building that have four that are massive, four more large and then twelve medium (4*20+16*4+8*12=240) you pay only for the size of the floors).

    Designing ShipsEdit

    Designs for ships are applied to an entire class, meaning you can have twenty ships in the class but you are only paying for the one design.

    Size Name Length in feet (meters) Current Price (Normal)
    Mega 1,500 (457.2) ∇18(∇15)
    Large 1,000 (304.8) ∇12(∇10)
    Medium 500 (152.4) ∇6(∇5)
    Small 250 (76.2) ∇2(∇2)
    Tiny 100 (30.48) ∇1

    Designing Land/HardscapesEdit

    Landscapes are the grasses which you have on your property, Hardscapes are the permanent fixtures, such as rocks back walls etc.

    Size Name Size (in square feet(meters)) Current Price (Normal)
    Massive 500,000 (152,400) ∇42(∇34)
    Large 250,000 (76,200) ∇21 (∇17)
    Medium 100,000 (30480) ∇8(∇7)
    Small 25,000 (7,620) ∇2(∇2)
    Tiny 10,000 (3,048) ∇1

    Designed BuildingsEdit

    The following is a sample of what Corporate Architecture has designed.

    Executive Building- First Floor Executive Building- Second Floor

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