Corporate Banking and Finance
Corporate Banking
Founded May 19th, 2012
Chief Jackson Eden
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Industry Exchanges
Employees 1
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  • ∇0 cash
  • Amount Gained/Lost 0 Steady
  • Giving out loans
  • Financial Advice
  • Business Advice

  • Corporate Banking and Finance is the Exchanges industry of Corporate Corporation's subsidiaries, offering services such as financial advice for ordinary citizens to businesses, to offering loans.


    Accounting ServicesEdit

    • For ∇5-∇25 Corporate Corporation will do your accounting for you, see CC:Financial Statements on what this would look like and if your business would like to have it's finances organized.

    Financial ServicesEdit

    • For ∇20 a week, we'll work with you to develop your business(es). Ideas for it to make money through products offered based on what you want your business(es) to do.
      • or just ∇5 a Day for work less than three days.
    • For ∇10, flat out, we'll give you an idea for ways your business can make money.
    • Corporate Corporation will help cover costs on various projects, should Corporate Corporation be the buyer for said project it'll fund the project as it's being developed. If another business needs investing for a project, Corporate Corporation may invest to help in the product with some interest, varying on a case by case basis.
    • For ∇5, we'll develop forms that can be used buy your business for people to use when doing business with you and your business.


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    Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

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