Corporate Corporation
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IOF Type Company
IOF Number 2
Founded May 8th, 2012 by Andrew Hester
Owned By Jackson Eden
Employees 1
Market Overview
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  • Corporate Banking and Finance
  • Corporate RuneScape
  • Corporate Architecture
  • Corporate Research and Development
  • Corporate Media
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    Corporate Corporation is a conglomerate business of the Exchanges, Media and Research industries. Corporate Corporation products and services include: financial and business advise, the business paper Business News, research, image designs and loans. For a complete history of Corporate Corporation, go to Corporate Corporation's history page. Corporate Corporation was once dissolved effective September 1st, 2013 when it's owner, Andrew Hester, left the Triumvirate in protest to the political climate in the Triumvirate, it would be restarted on May 4, 2014 when Hester returned. The corporation was acquired by Eden Publishing on July 26th, 2015.

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    Corporate Corporation:Records

    Corporate Corporation:Application for Employment

    Corporate Corporation: Products and Services


    Corporate Corporation is comprised/organized into five main subsidiaries, all owned and operated by Jackson Eden.

    Corporate Banking and FinanceEdit

    Main page: Corporate Banking and Finance

    Corporate Banking and Finance is Corporate Corporation's way of helping members and allies of the Triumvirate to make money and start up a business through loans, savings and vault accounts. It also gives advice on how to make money, be it a business idea or in RuneScape.

    Corporate RuneScapeEdit

    Main Page: Corporate RuneScape

    Corporate RuneScape is Corporate Corporation's central presence within the Massively Muliplayer Online Role-Playing Game, RuneScape. Its central task is to offer whatever goods and services RuneScape offers, however in compliance with Jadex's rules on real world trading Corporate Corporation will only accept RSGP for these services.

    Corporate ArchitectureEdit

    Main Page: Corporate Architecture

    Corporate Architecture is Corporate Corporation's drafting and construction division, it designs and builds buildings and structures resulting from the creation of the Capital City.

    Corporate Research and DevelopmentEdit

    Main Page: Corporate Research and Development

    Corporate Research and Development is Corporate Corporation's main development division, it's tasked with coming up with new ways for it, and those who contract it, to make money. This subsidiary of Corporate Corporation is possibly the only subsidiary that is a designed money pit, as the ideas that generate money that come from Corporate Research and Development go to other subsidiaries or new ones and are not controlled by Corporate Research and Development.

    Corporate MediaEdit

    Main page: Corporate Media

    Corporate Media is Corporate Corporation's media subsidiary. It's primary focus is crating new images, publishing books and newspapers.

    Corporate Corporation Logo GalleryEdit

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