This page is to show what Corporate Corporation is currently buying in RuneScape. For those who have RuneScape accounts this is a way to make RSGP.

Buying ListEdit

The table below is to show all RuneScape items Corporate Corporation is buying as described by the columns.

Item Price Quantity Quantity A Day
Bucket Market Unlimited Unlimited
Bucket of Water Market Unlimited 1,008
Pot of Flour Market Unlimited 1,008
Tomato Market Unlimited 1,008
Cheese Market Unlimited 1,008
Anchovy Market Unlimited 1,008

Table BreakdownEdit

  • Item: Item is the column that names the item that Corporate Corporation is buying.
  • Price: Price describes how much Corporate Corporation will pay for the items it wishes to purchase.
    • Market: Market means Market Price which means that what ever the market value is for the item is what Corporate Corporation will pay for it.
  • Quantity: Quantity describes how many of that item Corporate Corporation will buy over the life of the purchase.
    • Unlimited: If Unlimited is placed in the quantity column it means that Corporate Corporation is prepared to buy an infinite amount of that item for the foreseeable future.
  • Quantity a day: Quantity a day describes how much Corporate Corporation is looking to buy of the item a day, it is fully willing to buy as much as the Quantity column states though.

Top SellersEdit

Corporate Corporation recognizes individuals for being top sellers to Corporate Corporation, although not recognized as accomplishments by any other entity in the Triumvirate it is viewed in Corporate Corporation when hiring and considering people for hiring to certain positions.


  • By selling to CC in RuneScape you not only help CC but also the Government should they contract CC to do another RSGP collection contract. And helping out any investment pools that are RSGP based for those who play RuneScape and wish to make money.

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