Corporate Logging
Imperial Logging
Founder Emperor Hester
  • (In The Empire): 3/10/2012
  • Owner Emperor Hester
    Email to Contact
  • In The EmpireLogging
  • Triumvirate: Unknown
  • Workers 1
    Motto "Not joking, we provide the wood."
    Economic Information
    Asset worth:
  • 5,066,480 RSGP
  • Monetary Currency on Hand:
  • 300,000 RSGP
  • Sells
  • Logs
  • Oak Logs
  • Willow Logs
  • Maple Logs
  • Yew Logs
  • Ashes
  • Revenue last Week 0
    Amount Gained/Lost
  • Increase 1,025,993 RSGP (In asset worth only)
  • Other
    Google Docs sheet Imperial Logging sheet

    Imperial Logging is one of the nationalized businesses, owned and operated by The Empire, based in Runescape, Imperial Logging deals in Logs. Being based in Runescape, The Empire's businesses for now only deal in RSGP untill such a time when Foreign Businesses are able to partake in the exchanges in the Tri. When recording Gains or losses for assets, it shows how much was gained from the last edit. Money shall be recorded every Saturday before midnight ET time


    List of what Imperial Logging sells:

    • Logs
    • Oak Logs
    • Willow Logs
    • Maple Logs (Hard to come by at this time)
    • Yew Logs
    • Ashes (Special Orders only.)


    Ashes are produced by Imperial Logging only when an order comes in for the product. Outside of orders Imperial Logging does not produce ashes but gathers when possible.

    Ways to use LogsEdit

    There are four ways one can use logs.

    Grand Exchange Price WaitEdit

    One could use logs as a means to make a profit, buying when the price is low and then sell when the price goes up.


    One could burn the logs to gain Firemaking Experience in Runescape, and/or to get ashes which could be sold at over 200 RSGP each. A profit except for Yew Logs.


    One could go to the saw mill in Runescape and have the logs turned into planks, turning a profit if sold on the Grand Exchange, or to build your house. (Pay to play).

    Only works with regular logs, oak logs, teak logs and mahogany logs. The later of the two logs are not products of Imperial Logging at this time.


    One could fletch an log into a shortbow, a longbow or stock (for a bow). (Pay to play)


    This is to show the history of Imperial Logging:

    Asset worthEdit

    • 4,000,000 RSGP- May 1st, 2012 (-6 GMT).
    • 5,000,000 RSGP- May 2nd, 2012 (-6 GMT).

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