Corporate Research and Development is the research branch of Corporate Corporation, working to develop new ways for Corporate Corporation to make money, offer new products to the open public. Corporate Research and Development's secondary task is to develop new ideas for other businesses who contract Corporate Research and Development to research new ways or to test new ideas other businesses and their owners have. Corporate Research and Development also can work with the Government to develop ideas. The possibilities Corporate Research and Development can achieve are almost limitless, so long as they're legal with both Triumvirate and real world laws.

Products and ServicesEdit


Corporate Research and Development will help develop wiki text to meet your needs, from infoboxes to general help with wiki pages, Triumvirate or not. Prices vary on the project.


Corporate Research and Development will research anything possible, from statistics from the economy to gaming related issues. Just contact us at and give details and we'll get back to you on your enquiries.

Project Type Description Minimum Rank to Lead Price
Extensive Project Extensive Projects are projects that are a vast undertaking by CR&D, sometimes requiring numerous staff to help accomplish. They also require a significant amount of time and data to gather and sort. Chief Research Officer ∇100
Large Project Large projects are projects that require a substantial undertaking by CR&D, requiring several staff to help accomplish. They also require a large amount of time and data to gather and sort. Senior Researcher ∇50
Moderate Project Moderate projects are projects that require a few people to accomplish. They require some time to gather and sort data. Researcher ∇25
Project Projects are projects that require no more than one person to accomplish, they're projects that can happen in a days time. Researcher ∇10
Small Project Small projects are projects that require no more than one person to finish quickly and are simple to accomplish. Junior Researcher ∇5

Other ServicesEdit

Converting DocumentsEdit

Corporate Research and Development will convert PDFs into Word Documents so you may edit the PDF again, costing ∇5 for each 100 pages in the document.


  • Chief Research Officer: The Chief Research Officer is the head of Corporate Research and Development and is in charge of all research projects the subsidiary is under taking.
    • Currently Jackson Eden is the CRO
  • Head Researcher:
  • Senior Researcher:
  • Researcher:
  • Junior Researcher:

Current Research ProjectsEdit

Project Name Project Description Project Head Contact Estimated Cost Estimated Time to completion Date Started Percent Finished

Completed ResearchEdit

Efficient Terrain Leveling On MinecraftEdit

The goal of CR&D was to find efficient ways to reduce the time it took to level the terrain in Minecraft, in the hopes of needing this research should the Triumvirate pursue the idea of building a physical city in Minecraft of Universal City. The project was lead and conducted by former CRO Andrew Hester over a span of several months, results on the leveling shall be kept in house.

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