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Court Ruling of Article 9 of December 2011



Case File

Seal of the Judicial Branch
Supreme Court: 10/29/11 - 12/9/11
Full Case Name Court Ruling of Article 9 of December 2011
Type Differed Inquiry
Court Membership
Chief Justice
Associate Justices
Esteemi Evantsu, Hik10er
The Independence Article of the Constitution does prevent the Triumvirate from existing solely under the domain of a foreign game or forum.

Majority Opinion Stavrok

The Court Ruling of Article 9 of December 2011 was a Supreme Court Differed Inquiry case involved whether or not it was constitutional for the Triumvirate, under the independence article of the Constitution, to be under any domain such as the game RuneScape or an online forum. This decision was made after the Law:Independence Act was passed so the purpose of the case was purely for a question and to set precedent, it did not affect any current occurrences.


Case QuestionsEdit

Does the Independence Article of the Constitution prevent the Triumvirate from being under something like an online forum or game?


On 12/9/11 (2:1):

Yes, but that doesn't mean the Triumvirate can't participate in online forums or games, it just means the Triumvirate can't be entirely a part of one or fall under the direct control of them.

Court OpinionEdit

Written by Chief Justice Stavrok:

Though I personally consider this case to be completely unnecessary and pointless for the court to resolve at this point in time, the question is valid. Does the Independence Article of the Constitution, the same one that enforces the Triumvirate cannot join under any group, also reason that the Triumvirate can't be under (the word under is very important) things such as the game RuneScape as it primarily was to start with. Drawing what knowledge we have of Zerouh, who both planned the Triumvirate out and designed this article, it's reasonable to say yes.

However, this article doesn't state that these things can't be involved in the Triumvirate. The Independence act is very important in this case. If the Triumvirate ever wanted to work within an online community or online game again, the Triumvirate must be recognized as independent and then only participating in this lower institution. A good analogy is a comparison between countries. Say the country of Australia wants to more actively participate in the foriegn policy of Japan. So Australia sends some aid to Japan in the form of work or finance and Australia heavily invests in Japan so that it has considerable influence there (both in trade and politics). Australia is not under Japan in this case as it was Australia's choice to get involved and it could withdraw, but Japan is providing a service to Australia. This short case has illustrated the importance of putting the Triumvirate first before others, if the core is weak, the unit will fail.

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