Court Ruling of Out-of-Triumvirate Criminals of January 2012



Case File

Seal of the Judicial Branch
Supreme Court: 1/7/12 - 1/16/12
Full Case Name Court Ruling of Out of Triumvirate Criminals of January 2012
Type Differed Inquiry
Court Membership
Chief Justice
Associate Justices
Esteemi Evantsu, Hik10er
If something is not illegal in the Triumvirate, it cannot be enforced or prosecuted in Triumvirate court unless in connection with internal crime.

Majority Opinion Stavrok

Case FactsEdit

A real world incident involved a Triumvirate member having the possibility of being found guilty as a criminal in the United States. As such, questions came up on what the Triumvirate should do in this circumstance.


The decision in this case was very minor as the question was basically resolved by stating "The Triumvirate enforces its own laws, if something is not illegal in the Triumvirate, they cannot enforce it in Triumvirate court". However, if some Triumvirate member is discovered to have committed a crime and it would be wise to report them to the proper authorities outside of the Triumvirate then they should not hesitate to do so.

Court OpinionEdit

Written by Chief Justice Stavrok:

Fairly difficult question, fairly easy solution. The Triumvirate follows its own laws, if someone violates a rule or law outside of the Triumvirate, it is not valid in Triumvirate court unless the Triumvirate has the same law. Of course, if someone does do something and someone in the Triumvirate discovers it, it would be wise to report it to the proper authorities but because the Triumvirate is an international system, it would be difficult to do that in some circumstances.

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