Universal Triumvirate Department of Commerce
"Invest in Intelligence"
Seal of the Department of Commerce
Seal of the Department of Commerce
Department Overview
Purpose To manage, record, and oversee the economy of the Triumvirate. Assist businesses and assist in private sector finances.
Formed May 4, 2012
Preceding Department/Systems Department of Finance
Head of Commerce and Industry Vacant
Deputy Head of Commerce and Industry Vacant

The Universal Triumvirate Department of Commerce (often abbreviated TDC) is responsible for the the recording, support, and regulation of private sector economics. Keeping track of the economy, in terms of growth and how the businesses function with it is one of the most fundamental jobs of the Department. The Department is lead by the Head of Commerce and Industry and works closely with the Department of the Treasury as they both deal with financial and economic policy.


The Department of Commerce has a variety of purposes pertaining to economic and financial programs and policy.

Recording and documenting the growth of the economy is one of the primary duties of the Department. Management of the TTI and providing updates on economic and investment data are fundamental to this.

Assisting the private sector by managing applications for spending accounts, business applications, handling bankruptcies, and by giving advice through the Weekly Bulletin are recognized as some of the most important functions of the Department as well.

Useful Links

Department of Commerce Economic Advisory: TDC:Economics Today

Department of Commerce Weekly Bulletin: TDC:Weekly Bulletin

Transaction Records: TDC:Transactions

Government Spending Records: TDT:Government Spending Records

How to Manage Your Finances: Finances

How to Start a Business in the Triumvirate: TDC:Starting a Business

Gross Domestic Product Documentation: Gross Domestic Product

The Economy: Economy

Registration, Reporting, and Application Links

IOF (Institutional Ownership of Finances) Account or TFF (Triumvirate Foriegn Finances) Account Registration: TDC:Account Registration

Financial Spending Accounts (IOF, TFF, TFIF): TDC:Spending Accounts

File For Bankruptcy: TDC:Bankruptcy Filings

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