Universal Triumvirate Department of Intelligence
"Salus per Scientia"
Seal of the Department of Intelligence
Seal of the Department of Intelligence
Department Overview
Purpose To keep data, counter espionage, and to protect the Triumvirate from any threat
Formed May 31st, 2010
Preceding Department/Systems A collection of workers working under the Head of Intelligence/Knowledge
Trimester Budget ∇25
Head of Intelligence Vacant
Deputy Head of Intelligence Vacant

The Triumvirate Department of Intelligence (TDI) oversees anti-espionage, espionage, counter corruption, threat analysis, database processing, and data keeping for the Triumvirate. It is managed and operated by the Head of Intelligence. They provide aid to Triumvirate members and the Triumvirate government in the terms of cyber and security defense. The TDI is considered by many to be the primary war force in the Triumvirate as it looks into enemies, protects the most infrastructure against enemies, and guards the Triumvirate's sites, members, and assets from infiltration.

The Department of Intelligence also oversees the Executive Security Agency, the agency that has agents for protecting and defending the Executives and the Executive Branch from threats or attacks so that they can continue to do business when necessary.


The Department of Intelligence is a very confidential section of the Triumvirate government. The department deals most often with security issues particularly on sites the Triumvirate is on or accounts that are used for the Triumvirate.

Defense: Actual defense from attacks made against the Triumvirate are a significant part of TDIs work. TDI must be constantly vigilant, watching Triumvirate sites and possessions to make sure nothing suspicious happens and if someone were to ever attack or attempt to infiltrate or otherwise damage them, TDI must jump into action.

Counter-espionage: TDI also leads the counter-espionage efforts of the Triumvirate. Weeding out spies and moles within the Triumvirate and rarely producing its own (for the sake of weeding these other infiltrators out) is a very critical role TDI plays.

Threat Analysis: TDI uses the resources it has available to it including funding from the Triumvirate government, workers, agents, and files it has to analyze enemies or threats to the Triumvirate and to consider possible solutions and plans.

Data Keeping: One of the most important roles of TDI, which has also recently been partially taken up by the Major Executive position, is data keeping and information storage. TDI keeps files (most of which are confidential) on almost anything of importance. Everything from defecting members to unusual traffic on Triumvirate sites and even if government officials acted differently at a certain point. This makes TDI important in court as well because they can provide evidence for many trials. Classified files are also usually managed and edited by TDI along with the Major Executive who has access to all of them.


The Triumvirate Department of Intelligence keeps many things about its history hidden until they would no longer be a threat to release. Originally there was only a Head of Intelligence (formerly called the Head of Knowledge) who would, on their own, fight off cyber threats and intellectual threats to the Triumvirate. Uhnul, the first threat the Triumvirate faced, was defeated by Head of Intelligence Ascencia in this way. Eventually time came when the recognized need for a full department was apparent. The Head of Intelligence was given their own department and could officially hire workers for the Triumvirate government under the Department of Intelligence. The Second Uhnul conflict was won by the Department of Intelligence and many individuals started to recognize the strong need for the department of intelligence so some funding and strong support from the Executives in office boosted the department.

When PHANTOM, an old nemesis of Ascencia, declared himself a threat to the Triumvirate by finding access to confidential Triumvirate information and releasing it to the public, the Department of Intelligence prepared to counter him but he unexpectedly vanished before any act could be taken.

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