Universal Triumvirate Department of Justice
"Leave No Law Untouched"
Seal of the Department of Justice
Seal of the Department of Justice
Department Overview
Purpose To serve as a liaison to the courts, prosecute criminals, and to write and review laws
Formed September 20th, 2010
Preceding Department/Systems Department of Law, Department of Law Enforcement
Chief Attorney Kit McCarthy
Deputy Chief Attorney Vacant

The Triumvirate Department of Justice (or TDJ) is an Executive Department lead by the Chief Attorney. It was originally created at the same time as the Chief Attorney position was created on September 20th, 2010 and called the "Department of Law". Zerouh with assistance and advice from Arnold Ogamon came up with the idea for the "Department of Law" and shortly after its formation Arnold Ogamon became the first Chief Attorney. In May of 2012, the Department was renamed the Department of Justice due to the addition of the Department of Law Enforcement, but then in August of 2013, the Department of Law Enforcement was dissolved back into the Department of Justice.


The Triumvirate Department of Justice has several purposes.

The Department of Justice manages government attorneys (also called District Attorneys) and those who represent the government of the Triumvirate in court. The people who argue for the Executive Branch or the Triumvirate in Triumvirate Courts foreign courts fall under this category.

The Department of Justice also oversees legal analyzers and framers. These are the positions within the Department of Justice that consider and evaluate laws to find strengths, weaknesses, problems, conflicts. They do the editing for laws and documents that are being considered. They also suggest new laws and frame the writing for them.

The Department oversees a few areas relating to law enforcement, they investigate reports of criminal acts and also work to stop criminal acts from occurring. They work to stop crime and bring criminals to justice, and then prosecute them. They also work to carry out sentences and oversee punishment of sentenced criminals.


Court - Triumvirate Court Information - The Universal Triumvirate Supreme Court site.

Request a Court Case - Use this page to bring up suit against another person, group, or institution.

TDJ:Report A Crime - Visit this page to report crimes.

TDJ:Wanted - Visit this page to see a list of those currently wanted by the Department of Justice.

TDJ:Work for TDJ - Visit this page to work for the Department of Justice and learn about our education grants program.

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