Universal Triumvirate Department of Media
"Power through image"
Seal of the Department of Media
Seal of the Department of Media
Department Overview
Purpose To advertise, create imagery, and spread the word of the Triumvirate and the Executive Branch
Formed With the original Executive Branch: January 27th, 2010; Reestablished June 17, 2015
Dissolved February 27, 2014 (reestablished June 17, 2015)
Head of Media Vacant
Deputy Head of Media Vacant

The Universal Triumvirate Department of Media is responsible for spreading the word of the Triumvirate. As the Triumvirate's founder, Zerouh, said, "it exists to make the Triumvirate look good." It is lead by the Head of Media and performs several roles including advertising and devising imagery for the Triumvirate. The Department of Media is also used to deliver messages from the Executive Branch (or the Triumvirate in general) from time to time as a government news source.

The Department was dissolved on February 27, 2014 as part of an agreement to add a second Senator position to the Executive Branch. Many conservatives in the Triumvirate had called for its removal and those calling for a second Senator were able to use the Department of Media's dissolving as a point to get what they wanted. Despite its dissolving, the Head of Media position remained. On June 17, 2015, after a push by Major Executive Charles Sessions and Head of Education and Dean of the Academy Edward Stenbach, the Department was reestablished so as to broaden the assets of each Executive position.


The Department of Media has a variety of purposes:

Advertising: Forming advertisements and spreading the word of the Triumvirate on sites, forums, news sources and what not was one of the most important jobs of the Department of Media. They try to get more people involved with (and join) the Triumvirate.

Broadcasting: Speaking for the Triumvirate on certain issues and making sure anything the Executive Branch or the entire Triumvirate wants to have people hear gets heard were very important roles of the department, partly by operating the Triumvirate National Press, the Triumvirate's public media outlet.

Research and Analysis: Looking at how other media could be affecting the Triumvirate and paying attention to the media sources all around the Triumvirate so it can best keep the Triumvirate informed was a critical role of the Department of Media.

Creating an Image: The Department of Media had to hold the image of the Triumvirate up and look closely at how certain issues or actions will alter or otherwise effect the image of the Triumvirate.

Creating Imagery: Artists and those designing images, pictures, sounds, videos, or any other form of media for the Triumvirate were usually associated under the Department of Media.

Operating the National Chess Tournament: It is the responsibility of the Head of Media to maintain and operate the National Chess Tournament tri-annually.

Departmentalization policy Edit

The Department of Media is (or will be, once employee numbers allow) sub-departmentalized into a few distinct categories in accordance with the LEAD Act - this is, due to the early stages of the departmentalization process, merely a draft:

  • Graphic design: This agency will be responsible for taking orders for seals and infographics from other members of the government.
  • Writing: This agency will be responsible for issuing press releases and creating copy for the Triumvirate National Press.
  • Social Media and Research: This agency will be responsible for maintaining the Triumvirate's social media presence, on the subreddit, the YouTube channel, the Twitter feed and the Facebook page, not to mention investigating other possible avenues for social media advancement. It is also responsible for researching external and internal events, particularly in connection to international media, that could affect the Triumvirate's standing and image.

The hierarchy of the Department will be as follows, in order of seniority:

  • Head of Media: The only Executive member of the Department. Has the final say on questions of hiring new personnel and assigning the Deputy Head of Media. The HoM Is also responsible for framing TDM related government policy.
  • Deputy Head of Media: Assists the HoM in framing TDM policy and administrating to the day-to-day operations of the Department. If the HoM is incapacitated, the DHoM can take over the running of the Department but cannot act in the Executive position emptied by the aforementioned incapacitating. Also allowed to promote people to directorships (though these promotion attempts must be approved by the HoM).
  • Agency Director [Writing]: Serves as the final arbiter of all press releases going in and out of TDM (though his decisions can be vetoed by the HoM as the person in charge of the Department) - effectively the de facto Editor-in-chief of the Triumvirate National Press and any other media-related exploits the Department may involve itself in. Can promote Associates and other employees to Deputy Director and managerial positions. Answers to the HoM/DHoM.
  • Agency Director [Graphic design]: The Director of this agency must approve all graphics, be they logos, infographics or anything else, before the HoM can recommend them to the Executive Branch. Effectively an "editor-in-chief" for graphic design. Also responsible for passing orders for graphic design to the appropriate teams within his agency. Can promote Associates and other employees to Deputy Director and managerial positions. Answers to the HoM/DHoM.
  • Agency Director [Social Media and Research]: Leads the agency, responsible for orchestrating and organizing what copy gets sent to social media as well as ensuring that all avenues of research are taken. Can promote Associates and other employees to Deputy Director and managerial positions. Answers to the HoM/DHoM.
  • Deputy Director [all agencies]: Serves as an assistant director to the leader of each agency, supports them in maintaining the day-to-day running of each agency in the same way the DHoM does with the HoM. Answers to the respective Director of their agency/the HoM or DHoM if their Director is incapacitated in some way.
  • Manager [all agencies]: Serves as the leader of a team within each agency, with a specific objective for that team set out by the Director of the agency for which the manager works. Responsible for ensuring that the team's objectives are met within reasonable time. Can select and remove team members with Directorate approval. Answers to the Director/Deputy Director.
  • Associate: An employee of TDM who has served in the Department for at least two months. Generally this indicates eligibility for further promotion, though this is on a case by case basis; considering the particular goal of the Department, relative skill is more of an asset in terms of being approved for appointment to higher office within the Department. Answers to their manager.
  • Freshman Associate: An entry-level member of TDM. They work on projects assigned to teams and answer to their respective managers in respect to these projects. They can also be promoted on a case-by-case basis to managerial and directorate positions.

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